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Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Information Records Specialist III

Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners- Fluor

Managing the EDMS system to ensure that procedures are followed and to insure that documents are placed into EDMS properly and within an appropriate time frame.Provide on-going support to all EDMS users when they need assistance.Manage incoming mail efficiently to ensure that documents get to the proper owner in time to meet deadlines.Communicates with all levels of management and employees within OBDP to ensure that their specific needs are met.Responsible for scanning documents into PDF format for placement into EDMS.

*Processing incoming mail according to Incoming Mail Procedure

*Manage outgoing mail according to Outgoing Mail Procedure

*Process incoming faxes that pertain to the project here at OBDP according to Incoming Mail/Fax Procedure

*Processes As Constructed Plans.

*Train internal and external EDMS Users and provide on-going support

*Provides EDMS Access for new and current users.

*Assists A&E Firms in getting access to certain documents according to the approval of their OBDP Contact and Management.

*Responsible for uploading the Notice to Proceed, WOC, WOC Amendments, Design WOC, Design WOC Amendments and Potential Deviation Notices documents and corresponding emails.

*Assisting in Design Build Closeout.

*Responsible for scanning, uploading Change Management Requests, then sending out the links to the BOC distribution list monthly.

*Responsible for sending out the email notification when the BOT Progress Report is updated to the BOT Distribution list.

*Scans Contracts/Modifications for Procurement.

*Works closely with Finance and Procurement and Contracts to ensure the workflow for Subcontractor Invoices gets processed in a timely manner.

*Edits the Naming Convention Document for EDMS Users.

*Responsible for Processing and Keeping record of Document Deletes and Voids from EDMS.

*Responsible for getting approval from upper management and then distributing any ALL OBDP emails.

*Facilitate communications between EDMS Users.

*Audit EDMS to ensure compliance with document naming conventions.

*Scans and uploads documents to EDMS.

*Provide technical and administrative support in a team environment.

*Set up and maintain project files.

*Creates templates to meet user needs for EDMS.

*Order, log and assign manuals in a document control environment.

*Uploads the Toolbox topic to the intranet and sends out the notification emails.

*Scanning incoming submittals for engineering use

*Create new procedures as needed

*Supports, interacts and provides tools for other departments within the organization using the Microsoft Office suite of products (MS Word, Excel, Outlook)

*Works closely with manager and team handling any and all project administrative responsibilities that are assigned

*Network with other project support staff in order to strengthen relationships

*Provide help to users that are having issues not only with P8, but I assist them in Excel, Word and Publisher.

*Review Final As Constructed Structural Design Calculations for Submittal to the Client

*Other duties as assigned


Sep 2000Jun 2002

In progress

Mt. Hood Community College


Laurie Sletten


Area's of Experience

Change Management Requests



Design Build

Subcontractor Invoices

Vendor Invoices

Potential Deviation Notice

Notice to Proceed



Information Records Specialist III Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners

“Karri is always willing to lend a helping hand and does so with enthusiasm reagardles. She makes one feel as if their issue is the most important thing she is doing at that time, and completes all request with skill and competance. I have enjoyed working with Karri for many years now, and, with her vaired skills, she would bring value to any organization.” July 18, 2011.

*Brian Bauman, Environmental Design Build coord, HDR / OBDPworks with Karri at Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners

“During the 5 years that I worked with Karri, we depended on her to maintain our document control system and to assist us in finding documents stored therein. Karri was highly skilled at her tasks and an excellent communicator when we needed her assistance, explaining in detail how to access the document control system. Karri was such a delight to work with that I gave her the nickname of "Fun Person". I highly recommend Karri.” July 15, 2011

*John Lowe, Design Coordinator, Oregon Bridge Delivery Partnersworked directly with Karri at Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners

“Karri is professional in dealing with other departments whether in assisting or training.” December 23, 2009

*Brenda Hess, JV Accountant, Oregon Bridge Delivery Partnersworks with Karri at Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners

“Karri is a hard worker who is always willing to jump in and lend a hand to any project. With her positive outlook, she works well with anyone. She is currently a member of the Safety Committee. After serving on TSO for 3 years, she just finished up a year as chair of TSO (Total Service Organization). Karri would make an excellent addition to any company.” December 13, 2009

*Kevin McGovern, Systems Services Rep., Oregon Bridge Delivery Partnersworked with Karri at Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners

“Karri is very detail-oriented and professional in her work. She is always willing to jump in and help when needed and provide support. She has a team attitude and is a great asset to any company lucky enough to capture her.” December 8, 2009

*David Beegle, IS Manager, HDRworks with Karri at Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners

“Karri is in the Document Control group on the project. She has done a good job learning and understanding of the electronic document control system in place on the project. She has a great deal of knowledge and understanding with respect to the documentation processes relative to the project.” December 4, 2009

*Matt Stennes, Executive Director, Fluormanaged Karri indirectly at Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners

“Karri is a very dependable and hardworking individual, who strives for perfection. She is reliable and very punctial in all of work. She is always willing to put in the extra work to help any and all departments to meet their goals. Her selflessness never goes unnoticed. Karri is extremely adaptable and will rise to any challenge. Karri will bring quality with a good attitude to any situation.” December 4, 2009

*Kevin Sergeant, Project Accountant, Oregon Bridge Delivery Partnersworks with Karri at Oregon Bridge Delivery Partners