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Kheyri Alakbarov

Petro-Technical Graduate Programme/Training Center Manager


Training Design & Delivery
Graduate/Mature/Accelerated Development Programme Management
Organizational Development
Resource/Succession/Nationalization Planning




University of Central Florida

Work experience


Petro-technical Graduate Programme/Training Center Manager

British Petroleum(Exploration) Ltd

- Manage the delivery of Petro-technical graduate training program, including vendors and program administration (annual programme)             - Develop & implement assessment tools for the program, trainees & faculty - Work closely with subject matter experts in BP to identify curriculum issues/gaps and ensure effective closure                                                           Act as line manager to the programme participants: performance management, performance ranking, remuneration, etc.                             - Facilitate QPRs and set KPIs to monitor and develop the program vendors through Continuous Improvement                                                                      Review assessment results and ensure remedial action is taken as required                                                                                                              - Work closely with office facilities team to ensure smooth running of the facilities and logistics                                                                                       - Work with Global Upstream Learning to ensure alignment with latest BP best practices and tools


Discipline Capability Manager (Interim)

British Petroleum(Exploration) Ltd                 Baku, Azerbaijan 


- Manage, with Support of Discipline Capability Lead’s following developmental programs and processes for Wells Discipline:

  • Scholarship/Bursary Programme
  • Summer Internship Programme
  • Challenge (Graduate) development Programme (length 3 years)
  • Excellence (Mature) development Programme (length 7 years)
  • Accelerated Development Programs
  • Technical Coaching (for all employees)

- Coach line managers in the regions and central Global Wells Organization teams, as needed, in development and career planning discussions for staff
- Hold individual career planning discussions with staff                                               - Lead Succession & Nationalization planning efforts for the client group
- Support Discipline Capability Leads to address local needs and resolve issues.
Planning & Analysis

- Provide input into longer-term succession planning and strategic resourcing - working closely with Discipline Directors and Regional/Area leadership       - Provide input to HR for annual graduate demand plan


- Identify and recommend internship/scholarship/graduate/mature demand   - Functional lead for university and other recruiting initiatives, working with HR - Provide support for nationalization strategy


- Understand capability of covered population and available vacancies within organization to provide candidate slate for cross-regional (XR) review. - Recommend to VP Discipline Capability proposals for Internal Deployment engaging with Functional and Regional Leadership                                             - Integrate Succession Plans into candidate selection process                                     - Provide coaching and guidance to Discipline Capability Leads on development moves within each region                                                                                             - Attend Development Reviews for Senior staff                                                       - Work with Procurement & Supply Chain Management (PSCM) to access contingent labour resources 


Foundational Programs Lead, Wells

British Petroleum(Exploration) Ltd
Baku, Azerbaijan Foundational Programs Lead, Wells Discipline Capability Pre-Foundation Wells Discipline lead for careers fairs and recruitment for University Scholarship, Petro- Technical graduate training programme, Graduate and Internship programs
Oct 20112013


programs Baku, Azerbaijan Learning & Development Manager, HR Drive compliance in the business unit with the Jumeirah HR processes related to training and development to ensure that the business unit is applying Jumeirah training processes and standards in a way that is consistent with other business units and is adopting best practice wherever identified. Complete an annual learning and development needs analysis to ensure that the training needs of the business are identified. Produce an annual training plan for the business unit to ensure that identified learning and development needs are met in a structured and systematic manner. Develop training sessions that satisfy identified operational needs within the business unit. Complete post training evaluation on training delivered in the business to ensure that training is effective and meets the training objectives for the programme. Complete an annual evaluation of training delivered in the business to evaluate the execution of the Learning and Development plan and ensure the plan was effective and met the needs of the business. Implement the Departmental Training Review Process to ensure that the effectiveness of departmental training and Departmental Trainers is systematically monitored. Regularly meet, coach, support and motivate departmental trainers to ensure they are supported in meeting the on-the-job training requirements of their departments. Carry out effective training on a range of subjects, with a focus on: Leadership and management development, to ensure that leaders and managers have access to high quality training and development opportunities.
May 2011Oct 2011


Qatar Petroleum
Doha, Qatar Training Needs Analysis & Marketing Supervisor, Corporate Training Supervise analysis of training needs of QP and associate organizations, by means of SAP(Training Events Management module) and recommend appropriate training interventions including programs to meet these training needs. Promote and market the services of the Corporate Training(CT) Department within QP, associate organizations and the Qatari industrial sector. Perform Reaction to Course(L1) Evaluation and Knowledge Gain(L2) Evaluation for selected courses offered at QP Create/Review Corporate Training procedures Enhance CT's role in QP by assisting in the preparation of strategy documentation such as Business Plans, ISO Quality Internal Audits and Performance Management. Supervise CT graduate development program employees
Jun 2008Apr 2011

Discipline Capability Advisor, Surface Engineering

British Petroleum(Exploration) Ltd
Baku, Azerbaijan Discipline Capability Advisor, Surface Engineering Discipline Capability


Engineering Department
Client: Facilitate annual Succession Planning & Managed Moves processes Deliver various non-technical training sessions on an as needed basis Manage graduate/intern Recruitment, Onboarding, and Development Assessment processes Manage Graduate and Experienced employee Training/Development Programs Manage annual Training Needs Analysis
Jun 2007Jun 2008

Lms Lead

British Petroleum(Exploration) Ltd
Baku, Azerbaijan LMS Lead, HR Lead a cross-functional project team in development of a business unit wide LMS Streamline all process applicable to the LMS, to be utilized by 12 training coordinators throughout the business unit; Significantly improved training administration practices Provide ongoing post go-live support to the LMS end users and other stakeholders, including design, facilitation and analysis of surveys and various organizational development events. Organizational Development activities Designed and facilitated team building events for internal clients throughout the business unit Facilitated“ Lessons Learned” process for internal clients which included: analysis, surveys, conducting Lessons Learned sessions, and producing final deliverables
Apr 2006May 2007

Training & Development Specialist, Organization Development

University of Central Florida
Orlando, FL Training & Development Specialist, Organization Development & Training Training & Organizational Development Designed and delivered various workshops and training sessions to university staff related to: leadership development, supervisory skills, interpersonal and communications skills Designed, analyzed, and facilitated employee satisfaction surveys. Co-facilitated team building events for university staff.
Mar 2003Aug 2005

HR Generalist

British Petroleum(Exploration) Ltd
Baku, Azerbaijan Human Resources, HR Generalist HR Generalist Administered annual salary, benefits, performance bonuses, and grade evaluation Facilitated bi-annual operations recruitment Lead various client relations functions to the VP Exploration Performance Unit Delivered non-technical training Change Management Led the efforts of streamlining and standardization of internal processes through an approved BP change management methodology, for three technical departments at an oil terminal(owned and operated by BP).