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Work experience

Dec 2014Present

Light Adventurer

  • Design experience for children and young adults to improve their relationship with money through games, reflection and story-telling.
Aug 2012Present

PR Executive

Bay Gio Tinh
  • Started annual youth leadership camp with 3 friends from scratch
  • Publicised fundraising ventures • Authored thought-provoking content to set alight community engagement
  • Designed the full range of marketing collateral
  • Hosted and facilitated youth training
  • Packaged the experience and structured the community such that both can be run by new volunteers sustainably
Dec 2013Jul 2014

Marketing Head, Executive Committee

Youth Entrepreneurship Symposium
  • Managed Singapore's biggest annual youth-led networking and entrepreneurship event
  • Organized 3-day pitching competition, complete with experiential learning through business simulations, talks and follow-up incubation programs
  • Doubled the number of participants from 240 to 500
  • Designed banners, logos, poster, T-shirts, booklets and other materials
  • Spread publicity across 21 JCs, 3 ITE campuses, 5 Polytechnics and 5 international schools as well as sourced for sponsors, speakers and judges



Victoria Junior College



I'm in the zone whenever I'm sharing with groups and strangers about the causes I believe in, be it through words, drama or graphic design. I devote myself to delight and to provoke deep conversations.As an artist, my preoccupation to express our message, my occupation is to impress our leads, and I perform in both. As a marketer, I treat every person who steps into my life as a gift, and it makes my day to bring the right people and the right ideas from different walks of life together.
Growing up with 4 cousins aged 3-10 in the same house gave me infinite patience and a knack with children. I know how to handle tantrums. I can inspire behaviours based on identity-forming not punishment-reward. I appreciate how impressionable young minds are, and hence I'm conscious of my language of virtue and calibrate my impact based on sound neurological research. With young adults, I clocked over 300 hours facilitating youth camps, tutoring as well as mentoring. Having gone through the ups and downs of this formative stage myself, I can easily identify with the struggles of the 13-30 age group, yet easily step outside my ego and tilt their narratives, allowing them to see things from a fresh perspective.
My deep understanding of the human condition and psychology allow my stories to touch people. Every word is intentional. Every sentence is an invitation. I hone my craft such that readers discover themselves through my writing.
Social Media Marketing
I am seasoned in building close-knit, scalable communities by constantly engaging conversation with original, thought-provoking stories and delightful graphics. Among the range of social media platforms, Facebook groups are my specialty.
I'm trained in the scientific methodology of researching and adept at interpreting and presenting statistics.