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Career Objective

I am hoping to acquire a challenging human resource management position where I make use of my extensive experience in the field to handle staff recruitment and promote employee relations to increase the overall effectiveness of your company’s workforce.And to achieve the objectives of the organization for long & short-term.

Work experience

Aug 2015Present

Oct 2013Present


Contracting Co. Ltd
Human Resources /Personnel Management, Human Resources Development, Government relations Management, Public relations Management, Administrative affairs Management, Commercial affairs Management, Employment Management" Recruitment", Business Facilitation and official dealings Management, Meetings & Events & Official Occasions" Celebrations" Management, Operations Command.






Jan 2008Dec 2015

Diploma, Developmental Courses and Testimonials:

  1. The basics of advanced English course. 
  2. Neuro-linguistic programming Course. 
  3. Successful Promoting Plans Course. 
  4. Computer maintenance Course. 
  5. Microsoft Office Programs Course 
  6. Organization and methods work Course 
  7. Planning and formulation of management objectives Course. 
  8. Administrative leadership course. 
  9. Conflict and change management Course. 
  10. Life pressures management Course. 
  11. Negotiation skills effective Course. 
  12. Communication skills effective Course. 
  13. Criteria for obtaining the certificate of ISO Course. 
  14. Time management strategies Course. 
  15. The principles and foundations of public relations Course. 
  16. Human resources planning between scientific theory and practice Course. 
  17. Priority assessment Course. 
  18. Total quality management strategies course. 
  19. Away from pressure - Course. 
  20. Personal planning skills - Course 
  21. The market for yourself and make a difference Course. 
  22. The performance appraisal with the career Course. 
  23. General Social of Insurance GOSI Course. 
  24. Finder password self inside you - Course. 
  25. New Saudi Labor Code & Its’ practical applications Course. 
  26. Self-creation superior Course. 
  27. Creativity and skills think about Course. 
  28. Silence is creativity Course. 
  29. Regulations through procedures & business models Course. 
  30. Self-Stimulation Course. 
  31. Analysis of personalities effective Course. 
  32. Effective learning based on reason Course. 
  33. Public relations skills Course. 
  34. Strategies of Development & Performance Course.