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Seeking a challenging position as a Maintenance Machinist with Saudi ARAMCO which will require me to utilize my technical skills, abilities and expertise to ensure the company’s success

Work experience

Jan 2006Jan 2016

Maintenance Machinist II


-maintain and repair rotary equipment like pumps, compressor , Diesel Engine

-overhauling atlas Copco ZR-110 compressor.

-repair different kinds of valves.

- test and calibrate pressure safety valves. I was responsible of the safety valves in SSSP 7 since 2007 until now including remove it, make the test ,  close it in SAP system to avoid over due in our system.

-T&I In SSSP Tanks. I participate in testing and inspection of most of SSSP7  huge fuel tank activity. Our work is to install portable fan and connect it to the duct which will make the vent for the tank.After we make sure the LEL is 0 we open 62 bolt tank door and install hoist to hang the door in proper place, after that we install pneumatic  platform to transfer  one operation and one from our crafts wearing Scott air pack and they go down 40 meter and walk along the tank with gas test device 

-maintain and repair axial fans.

May 2015Nov 2015

Maintenance Machinist I

ARAMCO/Madinah Bulk Plant

-testing loading arm hose for truck loading.

-maintain and repair product transfer pumps.

-maintain and repair Electric Actuators.

-calibrate Flow Meter for Truck Loading.

-maintain and repaire Pressure control valve.


Dec 2003Jan 2006

2 Years APNE program


-We Start Studing English from level 3 untill level 5 for one and half year.



Text Section


May 2013May 2016

Relief Valve Certificate


This certificate allow me to test and calibrate Safety Relief valves



  • Good knowledge of MS Word, Excel and PowerPoint.

  • Good knowledge of SAP system.