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Oct 2009Jun 2014

BSc in Electrical Engineering, Electronics and Communication

Alexandria University, Faculty of Engineering
  • Grade: Very Good With Honor ( 83.63% )
  • Rank : #15 over 356 Students.
  • BSc Thesis : Implementation and Verification of  A Universal Memory Controller.
    • Thesis Grade: Distinction.
    • Create a novel Generic Universal Memory Controller for both Flash based memory core and DRAM based memory core. It aims to combine the most powerful and distinctive features among most famed specifications In order to accomplish comprehensive and diverse features only on one generic universal memory controller , focusing on seven protocols which are (eMMC, UFS, SD, one-nand , ONFI, HMC and WIDE-IO ) protocols .
    • The graduation project is under the supervision of :
      •  Dr. Khaled Salah, Technical Lead at Mentor Graphics Cooperation, Emulation Department – MED, soft models team.
      •  Dr. Mohamed Rizk, Vice President at Virginia Tech, Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University.

Work History

Feb 2015Feb 2016

Software Development Engineer

Egyptian Armed Forces.
  • Spend my one year mandatory national service in the Egyptian Armed Forces.
  • Responsible for creating a Windows Forms Application dealing with a massive Database Using C# and Language Integrated Query ( LINQ). Both Microsoft Visual Studio and Microsoft SQL Server are used.
Aug 2012Jul 2014

Design and Verification Engineer, Graduation project

Mentor Graphics, Cairo, Egypt.
  • The only responsible for verifying and testing the RTL of the implemented Universal Memory Controller based on Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) using SystemVerilog.
  • Design the most of the system level architecture of the Universal Memory Controller Architecture.
  • Responsible for a comparative study of three memory controller protocols which are (eMMC, SD, HMC) memory controller protocols.


  • Khaled Khalifa, Khaled Salah.

"An RTL Power Optimization Technique Based on SystemVerilog Assertions"

Work in progress. 

  • Noha Shaarawy, Mustafa Khairallah, Khaled Khalifa, Hany Salah, Mohamed El-Ashrafy, Maged Ghoneima.

"An Efficient Verification Framework for Audio/Video Interfaces of State of the Art Entertainment Products” Poster research paper in Work-in-Progress sessions.

The 52th Design Automation Conference (DAC), USA (June 2015).

  • Noha Shaarawy, Mustafa Khairallah, Khaled Khalifa, Hany Salah, Amr Salah, Maged Ghoneima.

“An Efficient Verification Framework for Audio/Video Interface Protocols”

The Design and Verification Conference and Exhibition Europe (DVCON), Germany (November 2015).

  • Khaled Khalifa, Khaled Salah.

“Implementation and Verification of A Generic Universal Memory Controller Based On UVM”

The 10th Design and Technology of Integrated Systems Conference (DTIS), Italy (April 2015).

  • Khaled Khalifa, Haytham Fawzy, Sameh El-Ashry, Khaled Salah.

“A Novel Memory Controller Architecture”

The 11th IEEE - ECTI-CON Conference, Thailand (May 2014).

  • Khaled Khalifa, Haytham Fawzy, Sameh El-Ashry, Khaled Salah.

“Memory Controller Architectures: A comparative Study “

The 8th IEEE International Design and Test Symposium (IDT), Morocco (December 2013).

Technical Skills

  • Hardware Description languages: Verilog and VHDL.
  • Verification Methodologies: UVM, SystemVerilog and SystemVerilog Assertions.
  • Technical programs: Synopsys VCS, Synopsys Synplify, QuestaSim , Modelsim , HDL Designer, Xilinx ISE, ISIM simulator, Prime time, T-spice, L-Edit, Matlab, Octave, AVR studio, Winavr, GCC, Code vision, Proteus.
  • Programming Languages: C, C++, C#, OOP, Assembly for Atmel 8051 and Intel x86.
  • Scripting Languages: Perl, TCL , Shell.
  • Microcontrollers: ATMEL AVR, Arduino, Raspberry, ARM, PIC and ATMEL 8051.
  • Operating systems: Linux, windows.
  • Others: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft SQL server, Latex and Microsoft Office.


  • Machine Learning Online Course (Stanford University)
  • Advanced UVM course (Mentor Graphics).
  • Basic UVM course (Mentor Graphics).
  • Functional hardware verification online course (Cadence).
  • Computer Architecture online course (Princeton University).
  • ASIC flow from concept to Tape-out (Cairo University).
  • Digital Design Workshop (ASIC Flow Synopsys tools), (Alexandria University).
  • VHDL, IEEE student branch ( Alexandria University).
  • Electronics & Embedded System Design, IEEE student branch (Alexandria University).
  • Programming techniques using C (Alexandria University).
  • Advanced Power Searching course by Google.

Previous Technical Activities and Projects

  • Verification of MIPS Processor based on UVM.
    • Work in progress. 
  • Implementation and Simulation of MIPS Processor.
    • The target was to create MIPS Micro-architecture to support most of its Instruction sets, then implement it using Verilog ( January 2016 ).
  •  Full custom design of SRAM Cell.
    • The target was to full custom design the SRAM cell with row decoder, column decoder and sense  amplifier ( May 2014 - Undergraduate).
  • Image compression using Haar Wavelet technique through MAT-LAB.
    • The target was to compress an image to take less storage space while the image keeps its basic data ( February 2013 - Undergraduate).
    • “Win the second place in the academic class 2012/2013”
  • Clock generator on Spartan-3A FPGA Kit using VHDL.
    • The target was to generate clock pulses with specific parameters ( June 2012 - Undergraduate).
  • Wireless ALU on Spartan-3A FPGA Kit using VHDL.
    • The target was to implement a smart arithmetic logic unit deals with wireless signals at the receiver by calculating their power and some other parameters to distinguish the wanted received signal  (April 2012 - Undergraduate).
    • “Implemented in silminds Egypt start-up company”.
  • Smart ALU by Logic Gates.
    • The target was to implement a complete arithmetic logic unit using logic gates only ( July 2011 - Undergraduate) .
  • Fully controllable automated car using AVR.
    • The target was to control all the functions of the car by AVR micro-controller ( February 2011 - Undergraduate).
  • Smart security card using AVR.
    • The target was to create a handy security card ( December 2010 - Undergraduate).

Volunteering and Extracurricular Activities

  • Instructor of "Recent Advances In VLSI Verification Methodologies (UVM)" seminar and workshop in IEEE Solid State Circuits Society (April 2016). 
  • Founder of VLSI Egypt - Alexandria Section since 2014. 
  • VLSI Leader and Vice-Chairman in VLSI EGYPT Community since 2013.
  • Instructor of ” Digital design with Verilog course” in IEEE student branch, Alexandria University (August 2013).
  • Speaker in the IEEE Interact with Today’s World annual Conference ”IEEE ITW’13” (September 2013).
  • Volunteer in E-WEB Scientific Team since 2013.
  • Volunteer in IEEE Alexandria student branch since 2010.

Conferences Attending 

  • Presenting “A Novel Memory Controller Architecture “Research paper in The 11th IEEE - ECTI-CON Conference, Thailand (May 2014).