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Work experience

Nov 2014Present

Director of Survey Sector

Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources - The Egyptian Surveying Authority -Central management of affairs survey in the governorates

1-Preparation of technical reports and correspondence of the responses Technical Authority for collaborating with agencies such as the processing of various ministries and agencies and presented to President of the Commission

2-Participate in the preparation and drafting of cooperation protocol between the Egyptian General Authority of Survey and other agencies protocols in various fields related to survey field.

3-Review technical reports from the various administrations survey department and corrected before the show at the head of the central administration of affairs area in the governrates and then President of the Commission

4-Participate in the meetings of the leaders of the surveying authority and to participate in solving the problems and obstacles to work Authority 5-Work on the development of the mechanism of action of the Egyptian General Authority for survey.

Mar 2007Apr 2014

Civil Survey Engineer

 Ministry of Justice – State of Qatar-Department of Real Estate Registration

 -Department of Real Estate Registration

1-Review the engineering drawings by the executing company, the drawings of the government buildings and towers for the excretion of floors and apartments and their conformity to nature such as Pearl, Zigzag Towers and other.

2-Work on geographic information system(GIS) and arc maps to identify coordinate

3-Preview of the real estate required to be registered and signed on the nature of management schemes and the preparation of the shop drawings in sizes and the report to the Real Estate Registration Committee to produce as a prelude to new registration for the real estate. 4-Preparation of the real estate registration drawings necessary to the expropriation projects and signature after confirming validity of the data. 5-Scrutiny of the Governmental Drawings from the public Survey Department, necessary to complete the procedures excretion and standardization of land and property and to ensure validity of the data and spaces registered in this Drawings in preparation for the issuance of property title, according to new data. Egyptian Surveying Authority for Surveying


Civil Survey Engineer 

Ministry of Irrigation and Water Resources- Egyptian Surveying Authority 

1-Participate in the preparatory committees for assessment of the initial compensation for all expropriation projects, preparation of reports and records required, such as(Sanitation, Road Expansion, Ring Road for Greater Cairo, the International Coastal Road, Water Plants, Archaeology projects, Flyover Bridges Projects, subway project of Greater Cairo) and other national projects for all the provinces of the Arab Republic of Egypt. 2-Administration and development facilities for Egyptian Survey Authority Buildings

3-Trainer and lecturer at the Authority Training Center to train apprentices on mapping urban with scale 1/500 & 1/1000 by using the new cadastral appliances such as Total Station.

4-Participate in the development of the engineering offices of the authority. 


Apr 2000Dec 2000


Egyptian Surveying Authority 

Diploma in Management of Geoinformatics and cadastral processes - Netherlands 2000.


Aug 1986Jul 1992


Zagazic university - Cairo 

Bachelor of Civil Engineering surveying Dept.


Urban Cadastral Course

Urban Cadastral Course    Urban Cadastral Course of the Egyptian Public Surveying Authority – 2005.


Office Management

Course in Office Management, 1997 - American University in Cairo.

Trainer and Teacher

Trainer and teacher in the Cadastral maps, scale 1 / 500 & 1 / 1000

 Course in theories and the new cadastral appliances

theories and the new cadastral appliances

  English  Language                                         

 TOEFL  Level I, II, III from 1997 to 2000 - American University in Cairo.