Work experience

Work experience
Aug 2013 - Present

Landscape & Irrigation engineer

Suez Canal University
  • Supervision of day to day operations of the site work.
  • Ensuring efficient use of time and agricultural equipment.
  • Prepare planting and irrigation schedules.
  • Supervising closely the planting process and pesticides use.
  • Design and installation of automatic and manual irrigation networks.
  • Report on project progress and prepare written periodic reports.
Nov 2009 - Jul 2013

R&D and Technical Support

Sphinx for fertilizers and chemicals industry
  • Conducting studies and scientific research for improving NPK fertilizer properties.
  • Preparing technical training courses for sales representatives.
  • Providing Lectures at scientific conferences and exhibitions.
  • Designing NPK fertilizer formulas suitable for fertigation, soil application, and foliar application.
  • Designing liquid fertilizer formulas.
  • Designing special plant nutrition products including trace elements, amino acids, saccharides, vitamins, sea weed extracts, and humates.
Jan 2000 - Oct 2009

Agricultural engineer

Suez canal university
  • Conducting chemical analysis of the irrigation water and soil to determine their suitability for cultivation.
  • Conducting chemical analysis of plants and fertilizers to determine the proportion of the nutrient elements.
  • Writing analysis reports of irrigation water, soil, plant, and fertilizer.


Sep 2004 - Aug 2008

Master degree in Agricultural Sciences

Suez Canal University, Ismailia, Egypt

The master title is "USE OF NITRIFICATION INHIBITORS AS A MEANS FOR IMPROVING NITROGEN FERTILIZER EFFICIENCY IN SOILS" The thesis has been published at the Egyptian Universities Libraries Consortium (EULC) website (


  • Acquired more than ten years experience in dealing with many laboratory devices such as flamphotometer, pH meter, conductivity meter, colorimeter, spectrophotometer and ion selective electrode.
  • Founder member of the Egyptian Society for Environmental Sciences (ESES)
  • Received a training course in the blended compound fertilizer manufacturing in Abu Dhabi, UAE.
  • Received a training course in the blended compound fertilizer manufacturing in Amman, Jordan.
  • Delivered a lecture in SAHARA International Agricultural Exhibition for Africa and the Middle East 23th (2010)
  • Founder of Agri-science Reference blog (