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For 10 years, Khai was an IT expert in database design and development. So, its no surprise that when he started his mortgage career in 2002, he would specialize in database marketing. Using it as his primary strategy, he has built a thriving mortgage business based on strong prospect and client retention strategies that has allowed him to fund over $300 million in production.

Khai heavily endorses the use of simple systems so you can spend more of your time prospecting and less of your time thinking. Though his strategies are simple, they are extremely effective. Khai now spends his time sharing his systems and techniques to the mortgage/real estate industries, small businesses and sales professionals to help take their business past barriers and higher production levels.

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Matthew Bowe

"Khai has the rare ability to create success in his own life and then distill the ingredients of that success so others can apply that learning to their own world for even greater results. Khai is an innovator, communicator, and born coach. He is destined to be a great thought leader who's fresh perspective will make a difference in our world and who's sincere desire to reach out to others will touch many a life. I've had the pleasure of working with Khai one-on-one, watched him deliver presentations in front of thousands of people, and seen the fruits of his labor as an entrepreneur and coach. In every capacity I admire his work and who he is."

David Kuiper

“As a fellow faculty member at Loan Toolbox, I've had the opportunity to work with Khai for several years. I've presented with Khai several times and have also heard him speak individually. Khai has a true passion for knowledge and education within the mortgage industry, and truly enjoys sharing his knowledge and experiences with others. While a very successful mortgage practicioner, you will find Khai to be humble and personable, and a valuable addition to your event.”

David Fournier

"Khai is a brilliant individual who understand how to translate his technical accumen into valuable business skills. He is very driven and results oriented."

Steve Kaye

“Khai is a self-motivated individual that expects (and attains) nothing less than success in his endeavors.He is always willing to share his ideas and knowledge with others.”

Sue Woodard

“Khai is a FANTASTIC person and all around great guy - and I've been thankful to work closely with him at Mortgage Success Source/LoanToolbox. As a speaker and Contributing Faculty member, Khai always rises to the occasion and delivers more than is expected. He is a favorite with members and seminar attendees for his methodical, yet practical and simple real world approach. Thanks Khai - for all you do! Sue Woodard”


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