Work experience

Work experience
Apr 2013 - Present

Assistant geology 

GeneralDirector Municipalities of Sulaimani                          

  • I have worked as a supervisor of water well drilling and casing in the field at some districts of Sulaimani wich are Said Sadq and Sharazwr .And many other work as administration .



Sep 2008 - Jul 2012

Bachelor's degree degree 

 Faculty of Science and Education Sciences-School of Science-Geology

The bachelor's study has following lines of study:
- Structural geology-Environmental geology

-  Economic geology-Petroleum Engineering geology -Hydrology-Geochemistry- Industrial rock
-Geo software-Physics-Well logging and Drilling

Bachelor's Project :Geophysics -geographical survey


Jan 2015 - Feb 2015

Miniature master (M_MBE):Bioenergy therapy

Ulysses Grant university of America 

  • Efficient management and organizational abilities and good Leadership
  •  communication and interpersonal skills
  •  problem solving and analytical skills
Sep 2012 - Jul 2013

Ishik University


 English language preparation cours -

conversation-English Proficiency Exam

Apr 2012 - Apr 2012

Ishik Univeristy

New Trends Education
Jul 2011 - Sep 2011

language course

Millennium institute

take English conversation lesson -pronunciation 




    • Word Processing :Microsoft Word -Corel Word Perfectd
    • peresentation:Microsoft Power point
    • Spreadsheet- Microsoft Excel
    • Art and Grapics:Adoub photoshop

    Human Resources Assistant 

    Training and team   work co-ordination .
    • Excellent ability of  determining the kind of tools and equipment need for the task

    taking training course by Hinda Muhammad in transferring (Vadim Zeeland philosophy )

    have elementary information in feng shui (Chinese  philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with surrounding environment )

    participated in follow your passion evening with Sara Falih and Nawaf Othman coaches .

    participated in the secret of millionaire mind evenings with Faisal wild Jasim.

    participated in your prosperous possibility by coach Nawaf Othman .



    • Spoken good languages: English, Kurdish and Arabic