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Courses Taught

Grade 2

Blue Lake Elementary School

DeLand, Florida



Educational Philosophy

As a follower of the constructivist theory of learning, I firmly believe that students must become more responsible for their own learning in order to become life-long learners.  This belief requires teachers to change from dispensers of knowledge to facilitators who guide learners to construct knowledge.  However, with the wealth of information available to students via the Internet and elsewhere, it is time to teach them how to critically examine the credibility and reliability of media, as well as the validity of the information expressed through these mediums. 

The 21st century workplace expects their employees to possess the 21st century skills of critical thinking, communication, collaboration, problem-solving, production, and creativity by utilizing the many technological tools that promote global awareness.  In order to prepare today's students for the future, it is the responsibility of schools to ensure that learners participate in activities that allow them to become productive contributors both inside and outside educational settings.  Since many of today's students utilize technology on a daily basis outside of school, it is imperative that learners realize the value of technology, not simply as a pastime, but as a means to effectively collaborate and problem solve in learning communities that extend from the local classroom to across the world.


Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word)

Moodle Learning System Course Design and Development

Interactive Whiteboard (SMART Board, Promethean)

Website Construction Using HTML Editor SeaMonkey

Audio Editing (Camtasia Studio, Audacity)

Image Editing (Adobe Photoshop)



Google (Docs, Calendar)

Various Web 2.0 Tools

Ability to Effectively Communicate and Collaborate


Feb 2010Jan 2015

New York State Teaching Certificate

Grades 1-6
Jul 2008Jun 2013

Florida Teaching Certificate

K-6 with ESOL Endorsement