I have had numerous years experience as a primary teacher in Kathmandu, Nepal and currently I am the class teacher of Year 4 at the Aga Khan Academy in Mombasa, Kenya. In this role I have worked closely with the school’s PYP Coordinator and my colleagues to ensure the standards and practices of the IB are reflected in my teaching practices.

I was first introduced to the PYP in 2004, when the school I was with began to implement this programme. I was immediately drawn to the philosophy of the IB programme and felt the PYP provided a common language and framework for the inquiry-based learning that we were offering. Since then I have participated in a variety of PYP workshops offered by the IB and have had many opportunities to collaborate with colleagues in Kenya and abroad as we developed a programme of inquiry together. When I first arrived in Mombasa, we were new to the PYP program but since then our school has successfully been through an intense but invigorating re-evaluation program.

I am an enthusiastic, hard working professional dedicated to quality education. I enjoy getting the most out of my students. I keep abreast with web 2.0 technology and have a very interactive class site and blog where you will see many aspects of my teaching life. My family and I would be very interested in relocating to a different part of the world.  As you will see in my curriculum vitae, I have much to offer and am confident that I would be an asset to your school. I look forward to hearing from you to further discuss my qualifications.

Work experience

Work experience

2004 – Present                            The Aga Khan Academy                                Mombasa, Kenya

Beyond Classroom walls, 2004-2010

·        Worked with colleagues to facilitate curriculum development and to ensure that these documents were accurately reflected on our curriculum mapping site, Rubicon Atlas

·        Participated in the development of the Aga Khan curricular strands (pluralism, cultures, ethics, global economics and governance)and facilitated the integration of these into the Academy’s programmes

·        In collaboration with the colleagues actively participated in the preparation for the school’s PYP      evaluation visit in April 2010

·        Worked collaboratively specialist teachers in order to ensure transdisciplinary nature of learning

·        Provided workshops for the parents and colleagues, which covered a range of areas: creating class wikis, concept driven inquiry, using web 2.0 tools in classrooms.

·        Mentored new  teachers on the development of their inquiry teaching and learning practices

·        Worked with the colleagues to develop and facilitate the action plan in preparation for the authorisation visit from the IB as we worked toward becoming a PYP school

Grade Four Classroom Teacher, 2007-2010

·        Effectively managed a Grade 4 classroom with students performing at various levels

·        Developed and implemented the PYP units of inquiry at this grade level

·        Mentor teacher to my new colleagues, assisting with planning and implementation of lessons in all academic areas as well as classroom management techniques

·        Provided enrichment opportunities for the class while modifying programs for those students needing additional support, including our ESL students.

·        Created a class website to facilitate interaction between parents, student and teacher. Website:

·        Created a class blog which actively encouraged students to reflect upon their learning.         Blog link:

·      Maintain a personal blog where I reflect on my experiences as a grade 4 PYP teacher.          Blog link :

      Effectively moved closer towards making our class room a green, paperless environment.

·        Created centres of learning, which ensured exciting and fun activities that kept the students engaged while they learned.

·        Regularly updated parents on all happenings including daily homework assignments via email, wiki or blog.

·        Created questionnaires for parents and students using Google docs for quick and efficient feedback

·        Was a mentor for grade 6 students during the exhibition, organizing trips and facilitating interviews with expert architects and war veterans.

·        Ran a mosaic club and a squash club, organizing trips and tournaments.

2004–2007                                Aga Khan Academy                                            Mombasa, Kenya

Grade Three Classroom Teacher

·        Developed and implemented PYP units of inquiry for grade three.

·        Effectively integrated technology (computers, Internet, video) into units of study

·        Kept an open dialogue with parents regarding their child’s progress and addressed concerns as they presented themselves

·        Worked collaboratively with colleagues and specialist teachers to develop units of study.

·        Ran an origami and sketch club and had a mini exhibition of th.eir work

1999–2000                                Rato Bangala                                                     Kathmandu, Nepal

Grade 3 Language Arts Teacher

·        Developed and implemented scope and sequence for grade 3

·        Built a great rapport with the parent and student community

·        Participated in drama club and presented a show for the whole school

Grade 8 Language Arts Teacher

·        Developed an intensive writing workshop for the class

·        Continued to support the drama club and develop innate talent among the students



Bachelor of Arts

Calcutta University
  • Diploma in French, Alliance Francaise du Calcutta, 1988
  • Bachelor of Arts (English Major),  University of Calcutta, 1990
  • Bank street college of education(New York) Science for teachers course  2000
  • Bank street college of education(New York)Art 2000
  • IBO PYP Beginners course, Nairobi, 2005
  • IBO PYP intermediate workshop, Mombasa, 2005
  • Inquiry teaching and Learning, IBO PYP, 2006
  • Dual Language Education in the PYP, Mombasa, 2009
  • First Steps in Mathematics: Number, STEPS, Mombasa, 2007
  • Teaching and learning in PYP(Inquiry as a philosophical stance &       Pedagogical tool, Lusaka, Zambia, 2007 
  • IBO PYP assessment workshop, Mombasa, 2008
  • IBO Math workshop, Mombasa, 2010