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Work experience

May 2010Present

Product Sales Director Hip Northeast


  • Hip Sales, Marketing, Development, Hip Sales training more including so far-
  • Patient engagement solution for Accelero health partners
  • Development with both knee and hip
  • Cadaver training workshops
  • Social Patient Relationship Management system
Nov 2003May 2008

Orthopaedic Clinical Director


Individually contributed Sixteen significant patents to the company. 

Initiated, organized, and performed all advanced surgeon training integrated into a accreditation process.

Initiated and performed grand round discussions at major university programs to develop early navigation interest in residents and fellows.

Strategic Sales across the country, performed over 700 navigated Total Knees through visitations using BrainLAB technology eventually leading to a wide and diverse network of surgeon friendships 

Directed research and development for the U.S..

Generalized orthopaedic resource for sales, staff, customers and publications.


Jan 2006Jul 2007

Sports Fellowship

long beach memorial medical system

sports fellowship with Dr. Doug Jackson previous AAOS President and long time leader for orthopaedics and editor in chief for orthopaedics today.  worked together on navigation research and testing clinically.


Find work that occupies all my passions as completely as possible.



  • Medical advisor for a number of start ups as well as established companies. I have accomplished several high profile successes. I worked as chief medical advisor to create project plan and specifications for as a health education on demand that is near completion. I have been an advisor for,,,,,,,,, Please see more at
  • My passionate focus for the last three years has been on designing exceptional technology experiences in healthcare. I have experienced tremendous personal growth by digging deep into the needs of the business model first. Testing that hypothesis with colleagues and potential customers at length. Understanding the current landscape, the issues it would solve, the business case for quick and rapid adoption, the requirements of the market base, and defining these ingredients into an exceptional use case for healthcare. The requirements then turn to rapid and necessary execution, and project management skills coordinating the adoption to maintain the right features that sell a product that remains exceptional for the user. I have been involved in technology project management and innovation for many products in mobile as well as online, specifically as it pertains to the creation of eLearning content, sharing features, social media tools, online toolsets, UX/UI, interaction design, gaming, health IT security, and engagement.
  • I believe that the real goal of medical education remains -- does the patient benefit. This goal of patient benefit can be met in many ways but capturing the metrics to me appears the most elusive and I am out to solve just that issue. Medical information once created can then serve to educate a provider who then is able to customize its delivery to his/her patient with appropriate metrics on delivery, compliance, adherence and outcomes followed by strong feedback loop for professional improvement. Providing healthcare professionals not only the education but the mechanism for performance improvement, tracking and linking their education to patient outcomes will be a measure that is meaningful in the future and will be the new bar by which all medical content will be measured. Providing the tools that allow healthcare professionals to extend learning to colleagues, other team members, and to patients at the point of care seems to me the most critical of all engagements. The opportunity to drastically reduce cost through better executed technology that engages, tracks, and delivers "designed experiences" is tremendous.
  • Mobility and Web App development is proving to grow at a dramatic pace and to stay on top of this burgeoning field has been a very interesting challenge, and for me a very exciting one. Today with growing technology use in the hands of nearly every human on the planet means that the world is finally ripe for disruptive and effective solutions to the most pressing issues of American and Global Health.


Web Services
Healthcare Industry (orthopedics)
orthopedic surgeon turned technologist and surgical decision making technologies patient engagement, industry knowledge and visioning of future business models orthopedic implants, biomaterials and more...