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Aug 2009Present


State University of New York: Albany

1. Design of a 21st century curriculum that ensures instructor preparation and student success, focusing on:

  • Curriculum mapping
  • Collaboration among disciplines
  • Diverse assessments

2. Effective implementation of instructional technology into the classroom setting with experience in:

  • interactive whiteboards
  • wikis and blogs
  • webquests
  • eLearning
  • PowerPoint

3. Working toward educational reform through educational theory:

  • Student-centered education and responsibility
  • Incorporation of technology
Aug 2002Dec 2006


SUNY Geneseo

Sociological focus on:

  • Race and ethnicity
  • Anti-racist education
  • Law and politics

Education focus on:

  • student-centered classrooms
  • cross-discipline collaboration
  • inclusion of students with disabilities


Feb 2007Feb 2012

Initial Teaching Certificate

New York State


Courses Taught

Advanced Placement United States History (Fall 2007-Present)

  • Available to High School Juniors
  • Equivalent to an introductory college course
  • Seminar/debate
  • Completed the College Board Course Audit

Regents United States History and Government (Fall 2007-Present)

  • Available to High School Juniors
  • Discussion of the history of the United States, focusing on eras and themes
  • Lecture
  • Supreme Court cases
  • Laws
  • Influential People
  • Structure, function, and history of the United States Constitution and NYS Government

Economics (Fall 2007 - Spring 2009)

  • Available to High School Seniors
  • Introductory level course
  • Group work and collaboration
  • Focus on micro and macro-economic theory

Seventh Grade Social Studies (Fall 2009-Present)

  • History of the Antebellum United States
  • Introduction to the United States Constitution and NYS Government
  • Exhibit format of assessment

Educational Philosophy

Education must be the top priority of the United States. By developing this system with the utmost rigor, our nation will secure its future and place in the world. Education must prepare individuals for their lives and careers by matching the demands of society with the abilities of people. Data driven curriculum and classrooms will ensure that the highest standards will be met by the highest performances according to student ability. Students, teachers, administrators, and the community must all be held accountable in ensuring that the social, cognitive, and instructive elements of education are optimally suited for students. Education can not be left to the private sector, as equitability is lost to competition and self-interest. Consequently, these components of the invisible hand must be structured into education using a system of checks and balances to ensure that capitalism remains the guiding force of the social service.

Teaching is an art and a science, requiring data-driven planning, delivery, and assessment along with flexible and creative methods. Diverse students must be accommodated according to their experience and abilities. The classroom should be student-centered, collaborative, and applicable to real-world situations. However, students must not be allowed to steer instruction or control the curriculum. A compromise must be achieved whereby students practice higher level thinking and pursue their interests while confronting and working through challenges using problem-solving, discipline, and research.

Technology is a part of nearly every aspect of life in the United States. Computers, the internet, cell phones, and a variety of other technologies are helping to speed progress along at an unprecedented rate. This can only continue if people have mastered the technologies that they will use every day at home and at work. The United States is fortunate to have vast economic resources and should use them to its advantage. Otherwise, competition abroad that lacks such resources will take them through hard work and perseverance. We live in an incredible, yet troubling time. Never before in history has humanity been capable of such extraordinary progress or complete annihilation. Education will guarantee that humanity selects the former.