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Experienced leader in sales of residential & commercial PV Solar, business development and marketing with ability to close high value deals and meet or exceed sales goals consistently, while ensuring constant lead generation via direct and on-line marketing efforts.


To obtain a senior sales management, sales process management, or business development position and continue to close high value deals while consistently exceeding goals and expectations.

Summary Of Qualifications

  • 12 years experience in residential and commercial PV Solar industry developing marketing, lead generation and sale strategies resulting successful closing deals.
  • Dynamic department director/manager with strong leadership and team process experience.
  • Twelve (14) years experience in project management, process management and project implementation.
  • Excellent presentation, communication and organizational skills.
  • Outstanding ability to effectively deliver professional presentations to small and large groups, including C-level executives.
  • Extensive knowledge in latest photovoltaic technologies.
  • Experience in residential and commercial PV solar complex selling situations with multiple decision makers, resulting in successful sales.
  • Comprehensive understanding of the various available financial vehicles (Leases, Tax Leases, PPA, PACE, PPA+PACE) that drive to successful closing of deals .
  • Experience performing financial models and calculations (ROI, IRR, NPV, and ARP)
  • Extensive knowledge of current alternative energy rebates and Tax incentive program offered throughout United States.
  • Experienced in training personnel about PV technologies & products, sales processes, and selling techniques.
  • Knowledge of European PV solar incentives, government rebates and regulations.
  • Comprehensive understanding of National Electric Code (NEC) code.
  • Experience in defining, and implementing sales processes by utilizing internal sales tools CRM & BPM software (SugarCRM and
  • Possessing substantial network of manufactures, suppliers, vendors and developers in PV solar industry.

Work experience

May 2016Present

Commercial PV Solar Sales Manager

The Solar Co.

Responsible for directing and managing the Commercial Sales Unit consisting of Bus. Development, Sales Consultants, Sales Coordinators, and System Designers.

Responsible  for formulating overall unit goals, individual personnel sales goals and territories, and business plan strategy for succeeding these goals.

Responsible for continuously evaluating, troubleshooting and improving efficiency of sale processes.

Responsible for introducing new battery back-up services and O & M services to basic commercial installation product and services.

Responsible for creating new relationship with Solar Financial Partners and expending company's financial options to customer base.

Exceeded expectations within four months by implementing new shorter sales cycle, implementing a new scalable CRM system, and increasing overall pipeline by 30% to $45MM and increased closing ratio from 18% to 25%.

Sep 2014May 2016

Commercial PV Solar Consultant

The Solar Co.

Responsible for aggressive prospecting and developing relationships with potential commercial & industrial customers who are interested in investing in solar energy for their companies.

Responsibilities include researching, calling, walking-in, and meeting with commercial solar project prospects and seeking out to meet with commercial building owners, mid to large size companies's "C" level personnel  in order to "value propose" the financial and environmental benefits of solar energy.

Assessing potential clients's electricity consumption and working with System Designers to develop project financial analysis utilizing calculations  such as ROI, IRR, NPV, and ARP.

Preparing and presenting complex and detail investment cash flow analysis presentations to decision-makers.

Maintaining a positive relationship with all prospects/clients through sound customer service and frequent follow-up utilizing sales process procedures and company's CRM tracking system.

Prospected a pipeline of $18MM potential customers in six months and exceeded 2015 yearly goals by having a 28% close ratio and $3.5MM in sales.

Oct 2011Mar 2012

Sales Operations Manager

SunLink, Corp

Responsible for increasing the efficiency, effectiveness, and productivity of the Sales Team through specifying, defining, and implementing new processes by utilizing internal sales tools such as CRM and BPM software.

Responsibilities included documenting and building sales process training manuals for each of the company's products, identifying potential efficiency gains in the individual product sales processes, making recommendations for improving, developing and implementing new solutions within the current CRM system, and defining a comprehensive migration plan to from SugarCRM to

Jan 2006Sep 2011

VP of Sales and Business Development (Founder)

Alter Systems, LLC
  • Established sales goals and budgets and continuously monitored sales reports and operational records to ensure revenue and profitability goals were met. Provided corporate monthly and quarterly sales forecasts.
  • Identified and qualified high-end prospects in the residential, commercial and industrial sectors.
  • Delivered targeted and unique presentations and proposals that result in a robust pipeline of well qualified prospects.
  • Presented different financing options for funding proposed solar projects to financial decision makers.
  • Established new PV Solar Installation company division and its respectful sales force team.
  • Established all sales personnel training classes and directed all sales training activities in the newly established PV Solar Installation company division.
  • Planed and directed performance management to achieve sales team goals.
  • Formulated the marketing strategy for the PV Solar Installation division assuring consistent highly qualified lead generation.
  • Exceeded expectations by surpassing first year’s PV Solar installation sales by 15%, and by doubling PV Solar Installation sales in the second year of division’s operation.
  • Increased overall product and services profit margin by 4%, by renegotiating major suppliers' contracts.
  • Increase overall company revenue from $2MM to $4.2MM
Sep 2004Dec 2005

Director of Operations (Founder)

Alter Systems, LLC
  • Directed, planned, and implemented policies and objectives of business in accordance with company’s plan and board of directors.
  • Directed and coordinated organization's financial and budget activities to fund operations, maximized investments, and increased efficiency.
  • Established new supplier relationships and negotiated all purchasing contracts.
  • Determined goods and services to be sold, and set prices and credit terms, based on forecasts of customer and industry demand.
  • Directed and coordinated activities of business involved with buying and selling company’s products and services.
  • Directed activities of organization to planned procedures, established responsibilities, and coordinated functions among departments.
  • Established and implemented business policies, goals, objectives, procedures and SOP’s.
  • Exceeded expectations by implementing company-wide CRM software which resulted into increasing sales closing ratio by 20% and revenues by 60%.
  • Increased company revenue from $400k to $2MM.
  • Analyzed operations to evaluate performance of company and staff and to determine areas of cost reduction and process improvement.
  • Determined staffing requirements, interviewed, hired and trained new employees, and oversaw those personnel processes.
Mar 2001Dec 2003

Marketing & Branding Manager

Action Technologies, Inc.
  • Reported to the Vice President of Marketing and the Vice President of Development acting as the liaison between the Marketing and Development teams for the project/product transfer and product specification requirements.
  • Exceeded expectations by playing active role in redesigning the UI and information architecture of the company’s core CRM/BPM web-based enterprise software product (Coordinator ™ Versions 4.0 and 4.5).
Aug 2000Feb 2001

Director of User Interface - Branding Manager

LoopNet, Inc

  • Responsible for directing and managing the company's Creative and Web Production team consisting of two graphic designers and three web producers/developers.
  • Developed and implemented a time efficient work flow process among Marketing and Engineering Departments that streamlined creative and web product upgrade or new product development requests.
Oct 1999Aug 2000

Director of Web Development

RStar (ZapMe!) Corporation
  • Responsible for creating a comprehensive strategic marketing plan and budget for the redesigning, development and implementation of company’s new multimillion-dollar educational/teen portal web site.
  • Formed and led a web development team consisting of graphic designers, web developers, database programmers, network and server administrators.
  • Exceeded expectations by designing a “partner integration product life cycle” process, which was successfully implemented across all corporate departments resulting in minimal product-to-market timelines.
Nov 1997Jan 1999

Marketing Production Team Leader/Webmaster

Chiron Corp. (currently Novartis AG)
  • Created new corporate web site plan, strategic approach, and budget requirements.
  • Deployed final web site on schedule and reduced final cost of web site development by 20% of projected budget. Responsible for designing, and developing new corporate intranet web site.
  • Designed and developed second version of corporate branding, user friendly “house style” (uniform fonts, graphics, page format, navigation schema, etc).
Feb 1991Nov 1997

Vaccine & Protein Purification - Research Assoc.

Chiron Corp. (currently Novartis AG)

Various Research Associate positions in Process & Development Department - Protein Purification and Laboratory Automation. 

Participated in the small scale manufacturing  and process development of candidate vaccines intended for clinical trials (HIV, HPV, and HCV).

Directly responsible for reducing the manufacturing process timeline from a 7 to 4-week process for the cancer drug Interleukin-2, resulting into multi-million dollar of savings.