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Aug 2011Present

Master of Fine Arts

Parsons The New School for Design
Jan 2005Aug 2010

Bachelor of Arts

Indiana University

Indiana University - Indianapolis (IUPUI)

Graduation Date: 08/2010

Major: Environmental Ethics & Design

Minor: Environmental Science and Health in Public Health

Certificate: Public Health

GPA: 3.63 in major, 2.958 overall

Work experience

Aug 2010Aug 2011

Career Coach & Communication Specialist

Indiana University (School of Liberal Arts)

Supporting the Director of the Liberal Arts Career Development Office.

Assisting in developing and launching the CDO Web-site. (

Designing publications and signage for office promotion, workshops, speaker’s series, etc.

Providing services for students during walk-in hours including mock interviewing and resume reviews.

Assisting with organizing career development events and their curriculum.

Designing and remodeling the Career Development Office to accommodate new office functions.

Developing communications to disseminate information to students and alumni.

Completed IUPUI's Safe Space training in order to provide diversity ally services to students in the LGBTQQIA community. (December '10)

Collaborating to implement workshops, class presentations, etc.

Captain of Liberal Arts Career Development Office IUPUI Regatta Team - Sept. 25, 2010

Jan 2010Aug 2010

Career Development Assistant

Indiana University (School of Liberal Arts)

Supporting the Director of the Liberal Arts Career Development Office.

Designing publications and signage for office promotion, workshops, speaker’s series, etc.

Providing services for students during walk-in hours including mock interviewing and resume reviews.

Assisting with organizing career development events and their curriculum.

Jun 2009Dec 2009


Indiana University (IUPUI Center for Research and Learning)

Developed innovative research that supports the goals of the Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Initiative program.

Designed an interactive user-experience to support IUPUI’s Common Theme Project in a team.

Received training specific to the aims of the MURI Program and the Ronald E. McNair Scholars Program.

Presented at IUPUI’s Undergraduate Research Conference and University of Michigan’s CIC Conference.

Attended Multi-tiered Mentoring Sessions, GRE preparatory classes, and fieldtrips related to local research.

Nov 2008Jul 2009


Indiana University (UCASE)

Served as a positive role model for African American youth involved in the program initiative.

Recruited other potentially qualified mentors.

Received training specific to the aims of the Urban Center for the Advancement of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) Education (UCASE).

Assisted in planning a four-week long curriculum and camping retreat at Bradford Woods in summer 2009.

Sep 2008Jun 2009

Project Support Assistant

Indiana University (Campus Facility Services)

Supported the Operations Technical Support Manager and Technical Support Coordinators.

Surveyed building conditions on campus and maintain an organized Microsoft Access database dedicated torecording survey results including images.

Monitored and assessed the effectiveness of current recycling efforts.

Provided general assistance with spreadsheet design, database entry, and other general office tasks.

Sep 2007Oct 2008

Program Manager

United Way of Central Indiana

Assisted with the production of individual group projects that had been funded by United Way grants within a youth-driven service program that concentrated on health and fitness.

Compiled data about sponsoring organizations, projects, volunteers, and interpreted it to increase program awareness and improved relationships with our volunteers and the community through research and surveys.

Attended meetings with youth groups and other offices to develop awareness of my program.

Organized, planned, and implemented events such as networking, celebration, and orientation events.

Aug 2002May 2008

Event Security Guard/Site Security Officer

Emerald Security Group, Inc.

Organized, filed, and kept detailed records of dock access logs as well as phone logs.

Controlled traffic at the main dock of Conseco Fieldhouse; Communicated effectively with VIPs entering the building and members of the Fieldhouse Staff in a professional and courteous manner.

Ensured that patrons were safe, obeying rules, and able to find their way around a number of facilities

(Conseco Fieldhouse, Indianapolis Raceway Park, The Indiana State Fairgrounds, The Stutz Building, etc.).

May 2007Aug 2007

Education Outreach Intern & Research Assistant

Indiana University (Center for Earth and Environmental Science)

Assisted with the production of the “Discovering the Science of the Environment” teacher institute including but not limited to editing/organizing curriculum and researching resource materials.

Attended General Lab Safety Training provided by IUPUI.

Produced and maintained mailing lists and mailings for the Center and workshop communications.

Implemented primary research for the IUPUI Campus Tree Survey, a project by CEES for IUPUI’s Campus Facility Services.

Produced Standard Operating Procedure documents for the IUPUI Tree Survey.

Sep 2005Feb 2007

Research Assistant/Human Subject Interviewer

Regenstrief Institute

Organized and carried out data collection, data entry, and management of medical research databases.

Assisted in the development of surveys and survey tools including interview scripts and data forms.

Took steps necessary to protect confidential health information of patients, from all aspects.

Interviewed and enrolled human subjects, in a professional manner, to obtain study data.

Co-investigated/co-authored the Home Based Information System to Monitor Pain and Dis-mobility Study, and assisted in several projects and pilot-projects (i.e., SAMOA, GRACE, e-CHAMP, and others).


I have demonstrated skill in teaching/instruction through my roles as an Education Outreach Intern with the Center for Earth and Environmental Science, Mentoring for UCASE, as a Career Development Assistant with the School of Liberal Arts Career Development Office, and with the Hip Hop Dance Crew and the Moving Company.
Verbal Communication
I have demonstrated effective verbal communication in many work experiences, extra curricular activities, and volunteer work. Of which I am proudest of placing 4th in my first tournament in competitive forensic competition at Ohio State University as well as being chosen to represent my class in IUPUI's annual speech competition amongst Comm R110 courses.


Dr. David Craig

Dr. Craig was my professor for the course Ethics of Consumption and Religion, Ethics, and Society as well as my mentor for my Individualized Major.

Joe Robinson

Mr. Robinson was the owner of the company and frequently complimented me on my strong performance and professionalism.

Sloane Thompson

Mrs. Thompson was my direct supervisor while I worked for the Career Development Office as well as my academic adviser for my Individualized Major.


Research Interests

How do attitudes and values towards the environment shape urban and suburban development?

Can urban dance performance be conducive to educating communities about environmental and public health?

How can urban and landscape design restore efficacy to natural systems?

Conferences Attended

Attendee - IUPUI’s World Usability Conference, Indianapolis, IN (11/11/2010)

Attendee - IU Alumni Association’s Food for Thought - Local Food/Global Impact, Indianapolis, IN (03/06/2010)

Attendee - Fifth Annual Indiana University Undergraduate Research Conference, Bloomington, IN (11/20/2009)

Attendee - Ball State’s Greening of the Campus VIII: Embracing Change, Indianapolis, IN (09/20 to 09/23/2009)

Presenter - University of Michigan’s CIC Conference: Passport to the Ph.D., Ann Arbor, MI (07/24 to 07/26/2009)

Presenter - IUPUI CRL’s Summer Research Poster Symposium, Indianapolis, IN (07/22/2009)

Extra Curricular Activities

Member/Performer/Choreographer/Student - The Moving Company (01/2009-Present)

  • Leadership in dance performing arts, and awarded “Up-and-Coming Choreographer” by the 2010 officers.

Member - National Society of Leadership and Success (02/2007-Present)

  • Invited to join based on merit.

Applicant - IUPUI’s Greening Grants (02/2009) and IUPUI’s Common Green Contest (05/2010)

  • Authored and coauthored grant applications for consideration to implement new sustainable practices on IUPUI’s campus.
  • Awarded “Runner-Up” proposal for Common Green Contest.

Vice President - IUPUI’s Hip Hop Dance Crew (05/2008-11/2008)                                     

  • Organized and structured the organization and development of dance performance practices and workshops.

Interim Vice President - Environmental Awareness League (09/2007-12/2007)                       

  • Contributed to planning meetings and organization events.

Creative Arts Portfolio


As a full-time student, I had to work full-time throughout most of my undergraduate career which taught me the importance of time management. I tend to take on many projects at once and am a superb project starter. During my undergraduate studies I was lucky to find several seasonal and temporary jobs, usually on campus. I have a variety of interests, skills, and experiences that have provided me with an understanding of many types of work in various environments which has developed my adaptability.

I am able to work in groups or alone equally well but tend to like group dynamics and sharing a project. Community development and involvement has become important to me, subsequently. My strengths include organizational ability, a natural propensity toward leadership, a tendency toward inquisitive thought, and the ability to apply deductive reasoning.

I am a "type A" personality and enjoy public speaking, working with people, taking a leadership role, and employing people skills to solve problems. My Myers-Brigg personality classification is ENTP (Extrovert, Intuition, Thinking, Perceiving). This personality classification makes me "Quick, ingenious, stimulating, alert, and outspoken. Resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. Adept at generating conceptual possibilities and then analyzing them strategically. Good at reading other people. Bored by routine, will seldom do the same thing the same way, apt to turn to one new interest after another."- according to

My top 5 Strengths Finder Categories include Ideation, Strategic, Activator, Command, and Significance. Ideation is indicative of: "People who are fascinated by ideas. They are able to find connections between seemingly disparate phenomena." Strategic is indicative of: "People who create alternative ways to proceed. Faced with any given scenario, they can quickly spot the relevant patterns and issues." Activator is indicative of: "People who can make things happen by turning thoughts into action. They are often impatient." Command is indicative of: "People who have presence. They can take control of a situation and make decisions." Significance is indicative of: "People who want to be very important in the eyes of others. They are independent and want to be recognized." - according to

The year I graduated, I received the “Runner-Up Proposal” for the 2010 IUPUI Common Green Contest for my proposal to incentivize a reduction in Single Occupancy Vehicles (SOVs) that the IUPUI campus attracts - part of the campus' environmental impact.

The fourth and fifth year of my undergrad' I was nominated for IUPUI’s Top 100 Student Award Two Consecutive Years ('09-'10) which is a program designed to recognize students whom are community leaders as well as academic achievers.

I had the honor of participating in the Ronald E. McNair Scholar and Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Research Institute programs - both are designed to prepare undergraduate students for advanced degrees by involving students in undergraduate research. The programs provided me with professional development course work as well as the opportunities to design an interactive web tool conducive to building community at the university, model for the IUPUI Common Theme campaign, present research at 3 conferences, and collaborate with a diverse group of students and faculty.

My first year at IUPUI I was blessed to receive two scholarships. The IUPUI Outstanding GED Scholarship is awarded to students who did not complete high school traditionally and score above average on the GED test.  The requirement to receive admission to IUPUI as a GED student is a minimum score of 530, I achieved a GED score of 720. I also received the Tennessee Community Foundation Genesco Incorporated Scholarship, a program that was initiated to support employees of the Indiana-based company HatWorld/LiDS (Genesco, Inc.) who are in financial need and show academic potential.


Pursuing an education in design and research with the goal of teaching on the collegiate level.  Academic interests including Urban Design, Social Justice, and the Culture of cities.


Volunteer Work

Volunteer – Hamilton County Soil and Water Conservation District (06/2010)

  • Installed a rain garden at the Morse Park and Beach site with a group of community members.

Ambassador - Indiana University School of Liberal Arts Student Ambassadors (Fall 2009 – Spring 2010)

  • Represented the student body by assisting with events sponsored and organized by the School of Liberal Arts.

Model - IUPUI’s Common Theme Project (07/2009)

  • Posed for a promotional ad campaign for the IUPUI Common Theme Project and the READ Campaign.

Volunteer - IUPUI’s Tox-Away Day of Service (04/2009)

  • Helped to provide appropriate disposal alternatives to community members with toxic/chemical/electronic waste.

Conversation Moderator/Volunteer - Diversity Speaker Series by University Library Diversity Fellows (02/2009)

  • Represented diverse backgrounds to stimulate conversations that encourage discourse about diversity at IUPUI.

Volunteer/Participant - IUPUI’s Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service (01/2009)

  • Helped to sort canned and dry goods for the Forest Manor Multi-Service Center pantry.

Panelist - Religious Studies Student Association (10/2008)

  • Delivered a prepared speech giving a perspective on the topic of discussion and answered audience questions.

Volunteer/Mentor - Youth Leadership Initiative (01/2008)

  • Assisted with leadership training of youth participants and functioned as a positive role model.

Committee Member - School of Public and Environmental Affairs Diversity Cabinet (03/2007)

  • Acted as a liaison for the Bachelor of Science in Public Health student body on diversity panel.

Participant - Center for Earth and Environmental Science (04/2005)

  • Helped to restore areas along the White River Greenway.


Jan 2010Present

Desktop Publishing - Adobe CS4

Indiana University
Jun 2010Present

Open Water Diver (SCUBA)

Nov 2006Present

Food Safety Manager Certification

National Registry of Food Safety Professionals
Jul 2007Jul 2009

Liquor License

Alcohol and Tobacco Commission