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Over the past five years, I have gained increasingly responsible experience in local government administration and project management in the fields of planning, public works, development services and sustainability at the 6th largest city in California.  As the City of Long Beach’s Sustainability Coordinator, I have built a professional 

reputation as an honest, energetic, high performer who has managed some of the City’s top strategic initiatives.

I am challenged when I undertake untried ventures and I am a quick learner.  With a successful track record of high-quality results and deliverables, I am proud of what I have accomplished in my career thus far and am looking for my next opportunity to use what I have have learned to solve problems, show results and make a difference.

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Work experience

Apr 2008Present

Sustainability Coordinator

City of Long Beach

Responsible for developing and implementing model sustainability programs for the City of Long Beach.

  • Strategic Planning: Manage the Sustainable City Commission and lead the process to produce the City’s Sustainable City Action Plan, which was approved by the City Council in February 2010.
  • Budget & Grant Management: Manage an operating budget of $529,627, a $4,397,500 Department of Energy grant, a $108,025 AQMD Tree grant, a $350,000 citywide sustainability strategic initiatives fund, a SCE Local Government Energy Efficiency Partnership, and a revolving energy efficiency fund.
  • Policy Development: Develop policy recommendations for the Sustainable City Commission, Planning Commission, Parks and Recreation Commission and the City Council and craft sustainability policies and ordinances related to green purchasing, green building, low impact development, and water efficient landscaping.
  • Project Management: Manage green projects that further the City’s Sustainable City Action Plan, leading projects through the planning, design and implementation phase, partnering with internal staff and directing contractors and consultants.
  • Leadership & Staff Development: Manage four administrative interns to assist with policy research and supervise over 20 summer youth as part of the Low Impact Development Academy.
  • Communication & Outreach: Establish the Sustainable Long Beach brand and communication plan, write press releases and plan press events, produce annual green report card, make monthly presentations at Commission and Council meetings, neighborhood/community group meetings and staff city events.
Aug 2006Apr 2008

Administrative Analyst

City of Long Beach

Responsible for a range of administrative support and program management duties for the Department Director and Planning & Building Managers.

  • Contract Management: Administrative oversight of consultant contracts including writing request for proposals and reviewing responses, negotiating contract budgets and monitoring and processing invoices and payments.
  • Accounting & Budgeting: Lead a team to develop the Department’s development fees to ensure cost recovery for all planning and building services, analyze monthly revenue, expenditure and performance data to monitor revenue and manage Department expenditures.
  • Performance Management: Facilitated the Department's performance management plan, worked with Department managers to create performance measures, benchmarks and collected, analyzed, and reported monthly performance statistics to the Director of Development Services.
  • Personnel & Staff Development: Supervised and mentored Department interns and Management Assistants, created Department new employee orientation program, and designed and composed employee recruitment flyers for new manager positions in the Department.
  • Systems Management: Lead the implementation of the Department's permit tracking computer system by working key Department staff to integrate paper processes into electronic processes, redesigned the Department website by reworking website content and added new interactive functionality.
  • Communication: Assisted Director in establishing Department vision, mission, values and communication plan including drafting content and messaging for Department outreach materials.
  • Sustainability & Planning:  Contributed to the development the City’s municipal and private development green building policy, green purchasing policy and General Plan sustainability policies as part of a citywide green team.
Jul 2005Jul 2006

Management Assistant

City of Long Beach

One-year City apprenticeship with rotations in the Departments of Planning and Building, Financial Management, Human Resources and the City Manager’s Office, responsible for high-level, citywide strategic projects.

  • Permit Process Optimization Project: Conducted a best practices review of other municipal development/permit centers, worked with department heads to establish mutual goals and processes, worked with a consultant on the development of the new IT business system and made recommendations about how to improve the permit process.
  • Performance Management Initiative: Analyzed performance benchmarks, forecasted performance statistics and identified how Departments could improve service delivery to the public.
  • Sustainable City Commission: Researched best practices and developed recommendations for the establishment of a Sustainable City Commission, which was later established in 2008.
  • New Employee Orientation: Created a new employee orientation process and presentation, produced an employee handbook and a comprehensive training employee schedule for new employees citywide, which has been used to train over 100 new employees to date.
  • Budget Process: Composed introductory chapters for the FY06 Budget Book outlining the City Manager’s budget priorities, explaining, and detailing general fund expenditures and revenues for the Financial Management Budget Office.
Sep 2003May 2004

Coro Fellow in Public Affairs

Coro Center for Civic Leadership

A nine-month, experiential learning fellowship which provides tools for leaders to engage in effective and ethical leadership and included multi-sector field assignments.

  • City of Menlo Park City Manager’s Office: Implemented an employee survey with a 41% response rate and facilitated employee workshops to determine employee satisfaction in the areas of internal communication, employee education/training, recognition programs and presented survey results and workshop findings to the Organizational Development committee and provided recommendations and alternatives the City should adopt based on industry best practices.
  • Hewlett-Packard: Created and administered an employee survey with a 94% response rate which assessed the efficiency of the Government/Public Affairs division and made recommendations to the Vice Present for restructuring this department to more effectively utilize staff and resources.
  • Metropolitan Transportation Commission: Organized community outreach strategy and facilitated community meetings on the Transportation 2020, the long term transportation plan for the San Francisco Bay Area to determine the transportation needs of the underrepresented constituencies in the Bay Area.
  • Rebuilding Together Oakland: Constructed a community map of homeowners in West Oakland who were eligible for neighborhood revitalization services and designed neighborhood evaluation criteria and a selection strategy used by the RTO Board of Directors to select the 2004 Rebuilding Neighborhood.
  • Northern California Grantmakers: Collected data about cross sector partnerships in the San Francisco Bay Area through surveying 50 Bay Area employers to produce a Cross Sector Partnership Directory which was used as the content for NCG’s Corporate Philanthropy Institute.
  • San Francisco Firefighters Union, Local 798: Prepared best practices research on merging firefighter and EMT positions for the Union President to present to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors.