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Aug 2006Present


State University of New York: Albany

1.    Process-based approach use in writing center tutorials with NS tutors and NNES tutees. Emphasis is on:

  • discourse moves during tutorial sessions including backchanneling, overlap, and laughter
  • level of tutee intake and uptake of tutor suggestions
  • power relations
  • tutee perception of tutorial
  • relationship between Western composition practices and composition practices of students from Confucian Heritage Cultures

2.    Community of Inquiry research

  • Quantitative content analysis of entire course
  • Proposed addition of learning presence as a construct of the model

3.    Online language learning

  • Pedagogically sound ways to teach English as a Second or Foreign language
  • Computer assisted language learning in online environments


Quantitative Content Analyst
Experience coding threaded discussions and calculating inter-rater reliability.
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Web Design
Proficient with HTML, JavaScript, and various web design application.


Jan 2000Present

New State Teaching Certificate

May 2000Present

New Jersy Teaching Certificate

New Jersey
Sep 1994Present

Florida Teaching Certificate

Jul 2010Jul 2015

Human Subject Research

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative

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ETAP634: Using Media in the Language Classroom(Fall 2008, Fall 2009, Fall 2010)

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Introduction to English Composition(2003-2006)

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