J Vickers

J Vickers


Aug 2006 - Present


State University of New York: Albany

1.    Process-based approach use in writing center tutorials with NS tutors and NNES tutees. Emphasis is on:

  • discourse moves during tutorial sessions including backchanneling, overlap, and laughter
  • level of tutee intake and uptake of tutor suggestions
  • power relations
  • tutee perception of tutorial
  • relationship between Western composition practices and composition practices of students from Confucian Heritage Cultures

2.    Community of Inquiry research

  • Quantitative content analysis of entire course
  • Proposed addition of learning presence as a construct of the model

3.    Online language learning

  • Pedagogically sound ways to teach English as a Second or Foreign language
  • Computer assisted language learning in online environments



Quantitative Content Analyst

Experience coding threaded discussions and calculating inter-rater reliability.

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Web Design

Proficient with HTML, JavaScript, and various web design application.


Jan 2000 - Present

New State Teaching Certificate

May 2000 - Present

New Jersy Teaching Certificate

New Jersey
Sep 1994 - Present

Florida Teaching Certificate

Jul 2010 - Jul 2015

Human Subject Research

Collaborative Institutional Training Initiative