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Student of the Bachelor of Information Systems and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Substantial experience (academic and professional) in multidisciplinary projects in various business areas with a strong emphasis on systems integration and R&D solutions on multiple platforms/technologies.

Substantial experience with client interaction, requirement's assessment and involvement in all project components.

Good development practices paradigms guidance, code reuse, source control, documentation, etc

Work experience

Dec 2009Present

IT Consultant, MOSS Analyst Developer, Analyst Developer, Solutions Architect, System Administrator, Systems Integrator

Rumos Professional Services


Project IPJ(Portuguese Youth Institute) portal @ PTSI:

Development of a Sharepoint 2007 portal to replace IPJ's previous one.

Core business n-tier development, including following features:

  • Profile management and Authentication modules:
    • Forms authentication against existing Users database interacting with legacy parallel systems.
    • User profile and preferences Management.
    • Communication and data synchronization with IPJ user services parallel systems through asynchronous Web Services consumption and exposure mediated by a biz-talk Middle-ware layer.
  • Multiple dynamic content presentation modules configurable using sharepoint lists (data, business and presentation layers)
  • Quizzes Module for dynamic questionnaires and statistical treatment of results:
    • Data, Business and Presentation Layers.
    • Back-office for Quizzes creation and management.
  • Hit-Counter module integration and adaptation for page hits accounting on the portal and Top viewed presentation functionality.
Oct 2008Dec 2009

R&D Consultant, Analyst Developer, MOSS Architect, System Administrator, Systems Integrator, BI Consultant

WorldVision Consulting


Architecture, design, preparation, installation, configuration and administration of multiple MOSS Farms for delivery and unification of core Business Intelligence project implementation by WorldVision in Portugal Telecom:

  • Each farm implements an isolated environment with gradual client exposure in the project's features development cycle(from development to production)
  • Architecture topologies implementation suggested by Microsoft with distributed services/components
  • Security implementation over corporate's Active Directory (import of users from several corporate's domain controllers into MOSS profiles system).
  • Direct integration of Microsoft's BI platform/functionalities in MOSS (reporting services, integration services, analysis services.)
  • Associated technical documentation compilation.
  • Performance Analysis and optimizations reports execution in the environments.
  • Design and development of project's base core framework and associated development and deployment structure/processes:
    • Source Control structure design and management
    • Solutions/Features design and development
    • MOSS Event Handlers
    • Advanced workflows design and development.
    • Web-services Development and Integration for SSIS Services exposure/consumption on project's sub-system ETL component external sources validation/loading through the portal.
    • etc.
  • Collaborative Portal's architecture and development:
    • Look & feel
    • Libraries, Content Types, Views, implementation/customization of multiple levels of security needed.
    • Document management.
    • Etc.

Preparation/implementation of basic functional module for the BI project:

  • Participation/collaboration in module's design/architecture.
  • Creation/config of the database. (Facts, Dimensions, Hybrids, etc.)
  • ETL Development for data processing (extractions, Audits, Processing, Post-Processing, etc.)
  • Associated Data Models Development.
  • Tests, initial runs, results validation.

 Requirements gathering, customer management, analysis, design and development of CRM/SFA portal in order to optimize and streamline business support processes

  • Vehicles Auctions business
  • Built on DotNetNuke framework
  • Modular development
  • MVC patterns Implementation
  • Analysis, Design and implementation of database structure (MSSQL2005) using modeling software Power Designer
  • Integration with existing database and application (development of synchronization processes between client's master database and the database developed for the project)
  • Client Management
  • Sales Management
  • Complaints management with follow-ups and all it's life cycle among portal users (event generation, complaints forwarding, etc.)
  • Costumer's contacts and scheduling Management and reporting for commercial and tele-marketing teams.
  • Business analysis module with multiple reports implemented in reporting services (cubes development)

 Waste Management Company:

  • Direct contact with the client, bugs/flaws analysis, requirements gathering, etc.
  • Multiple business's platforms/sub-systems:
    • DotNetNuke Portal (business management)
    • MSSQL2005
    • Reporting Services (invoices printing)
    • VB.NET (company's main billing client app integrated with PHC(general purpose third-party billing app))
    • etc.
  • Evolutive and corrective development, and various optimizations (data layer, business logic and presentation)
  • Analysis and debugging, bug fixes, new versions deployment
  • Development of new features
Feb 2008Oct 2008

Analyst developer, MOSS developer

GMTS – Global Media Technology Solutions

Working in close collaboration with the Solutions Architect, Project Manager and other team members, I was involved in all project areas including analysis, planning, development\maintenance, testing, and deployment of MOSS (Microsoft Office Sharepoint And Services) solutions.

Highlights and notes:

  • Development of solutions/features for the three main projects, three sharepoint portals whose entire contents were added and managed by the client authoring teams:
    • Caras
    • Visão
    • Exame Informática
  • Functional analysis, good development practices analysis and bug's detection work over external teams developed solutions. Reporting and recommendations.  External team's corrections supervision. Posterior integration of these solutions with GMTS's framework/portals.
  • Development and deployment of solutions/features developed in the environments described below:
    • Testing, configuration and base content provisioning (WebParts, UserControls, etc.).
  • Database Development in MSSQL2008 for solution's data layer developed for the Visão portal.Optimizations for high data throughput.
  • HTML/CSS correction/debugging
  • All project management and associated reporting passes through an internal collaborative sharepoint portal featuring Task Management, bug tracking, knowledge base, solutions versions repository, etc..
  • All development is integrated with GMTS's framework which defines the solutions structure for deployment in sharepoint farms.The core follows modularity paradigms, code reuse and service orientation as well as guide lines for n-tier architectures.
  • Team collaboration development over version controlled framework.
  • Any maintenance process, change, development, testing, etc., passes through a pipeline of four progressive isolated environments with increasing exposure to the client:
    • Virtual Machines (environment for individual development and testing base) (microsoft virtual servers local to each developer workstation with loopback network)
    • Dev environment (very close to quality testing, validation and integration of developed solutions) (sharepoint farm on dedicated servers)
    • Quality (test and validation environment for the client) (in sharepoint farm dedicated servers)
    • Production (final environment for the client) (in sharepoint farm dedicated servers)
Oct 2006Oct 2007

R&D Analyst developer, System Integrator

DomusVenda S.A.

Analysis and development of software solutions for internal usage for core business support, including (terminals and web services servers - Windows, servers - linux):

  • Maintenance, development and correction on PHP web application(ILS - Integrated Loan System) that manages the entire flow of information produced by the company. It is through this that the various departments (legal, boarding, analysts, etc.) communicate and share information stored on a MySql database.
  • R&D on Avaya's CTI call center client application(using C++ API) and integration with application .NET(C#) for clients and debtors contact identification and control. Integration and bi-directional interface with ILS through an integrated WebBrowser control.
  • Developing ASP.NET Web Service for detecting bar codes in PDF documents and subsequent identification and indexing, integration with the company's DMS (Document Management System):
    • The overall system involves generating/printing(via ILS) identifier barcode stickers, posterior application on documents and subsequent mass scanning to PDF for all documents processed by the company, they are sent by the scanners to a PHP FTP server that calls the web service. The documents are segmented within the limits of detected codes that uniquely identifies each segment/document. Each sub-document is then returned to the FTP server for inclusion in the DMS system and later ILS access.
  • Development of template system for automatic document generation and documents importing system. This system involves several technologies:
    • The system involves the creation of types of templates associated with MySql queries, at the template creation special tags are inserted being later replaced by the corresponding fields selected by the query.
    • The templates are WordML files(xml)created by the ILS users from a word base template on the server that contains macros(VB) for inserting special tags that will later be replaced by data from the database in the documents generation.
    • The documents generation is then done through the ILS which replaces the template tags(parses the xml files) by their values in MySQL database automatically generating the final documents in bulk.
    • The import of documents is done by converting them through a web service that uses the automation capabilities of Office to open and print PDF documents to WordML and subsequently insert them into the DMS system.
Aug 2005Oct 2006

Analyst developer, system administrator

Higher Functions/PCmedic

Maintenance, correction and development of various core business support systems (linux environment with some windows terminals)

Maintenance, correction and development of new features on customer/products management internal application(C++, Qt, MySql). Highlights:

  • Integration with Asterisk PBX through a softphone (twinkle) to automatically, on call, select the client and its associated product(the call is pipelined through an IVR-Interactive Voice Response, whereby the customer enters its code and client password).
  • MySQL database analysis, maintenance and development.
  • Implementation of related tasks system used as a guide to procedures in client interaction.

Network/Systems and Asterisk PBX management:

  • Network analysis and management to ensure communications sound quality: terminals(sound cards, sockets, etc.), switches(balanced traffic), router(QoS, bandwidth redundancy on 3 ADSL lines on which the audio is transported by SIP/RTP from a VOIP service, posterior use of two dedicated lines directly on the PBX).
  • PBX dialplan programming(user input based call workflows integrated with IVR) using Asterisk dialplan scripting system.
  • Bash scripting development for system analysis, managment and reporting.



Bachelor of Information Systems and Computer Engineering

Instituto Superior Técnico - UTL