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This Portfolio is basicely a summery of the thing I have been doing in my last year in high school, while trying to get into college

Keyon's Portfolio



I am interested in going to college to become a civil engineer. When I get out high school I want to attend a college preferably Norfolk State University but if not i will go to either Hampton Universty or Christerster Newport University. My back up plan or other option is the Fire Academy to become a Fire Fighter. Another Intrest of mine is to enter WyoTech. Wyo Tech is a school for Automotive Technology. I have always been interested in vehicles mostly cars.

Aug 2009Present

12th grade last grade completed

Heritage High School

I am from Newoort News Virginia, I live in newport news as well, I have been going to Heritage for three years I attended Denbigh High Shool for one year, my sophmore year. I have been in the magnet program sence the first grade or twelve years