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My Name Is Keyea Sharp I am an very ambitious ,hard working young lady I have been working since i was 13 years old from summer jobs to real jobs .I am very determined to reach any goals I have set for myself in life whether their long term or short term I work to the best of my ability to reach them. I feel that I am an great canidate for any job whether I have experience or not because I am a fast pace learner and easy to teach. 

Work History

Apr 2015Dec 2015


Cashier ,Cleaner,& Greeter 

Nov 2015Dec 2015


Package Handler

June 2016

Twin cleaning 



Sep 2011Jun 2015

William H .Wells

Graduated From Wells June Of 2015


Ability to work in a team structure, make decisions and solve Problems,Plan organize and prioritize work, And a fairly fast typer .