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Qualifications and Objective

Highly productive, driven, and innovative business leader able to develop dynamic teams with a focus increasing market penetration and securing customers. Utilize an enthusiastic management style geared towards improving productivity with a total commitment to quality. Outstanding abilities in organizing & leading teams, time management, and leading successful events.  Additionally, offer specific expertise within the following areas:

  • Business Planning, Branding, & Development
  • Analytical & Strategic Planning
  • Executive Development & Team Building
  • Project Management & Exceptional Negotiation Skills
  • Strong Communication & Time Management Skills
  • Technology & Web 2.0 Implementation
  • Delivering Results & Scaling Solutions
  • Change Management Implementation
  • Marketing & Communication Strategy
  • Negotiating & Establishing Partner Agreements

I am seeking the opportunity to utilize the skills I have gained to continue to grow and lead an organization about whose mission I am deeply passionate.

About Me

My passion as a leader is to develop teams and create systems that empower organizations to the highest level of performance. Most recently, my enthusiasm has taken me into the education sector where my work of building good systems, developing strong leaders is creating a positive impact for today's students. In the private sector, I created $5 million in sales by implementing a product roadmap, building new partnerships, and revamping sales strategies to position products for market entry. In the nonprofit sector, I successfully raised enough capital to setup a mobile computer lab allowing students to improve their education and technology skills. I'm new to Charlottesville, VA, and I'm actively seeking opportunities to utilize my skills and experience to create significant, scalable, and sustainable business and social impacts.


Work experience

Reading Mentor (Volunteer)

Every 1 Reads

Mentor Jefferson County Public School student to improve reading, vocabulary, and comprehension skills.

Education Leader/Peer Mentor (Volunteer)

The Cabbage Patch Settlement House

Generated $10,000 in equipment revenues to successfully install a new computer lab for 600 students learning education and technology skills.  Work with at-risk youth to ensure academic success and establish a vision for higher education.



Work closely with CEO’s and executive to develop and execute projects necessary for the launching of sustainable, successful programs. Clients include: EL Haynes Charter School, New Mountain Ventures, Clearwire Communications.

  • Board Development: Developed accountability plans for board of directors; prepared a board effectiveness evaluation strategy, and presented results to board chair.
  • Human Capital Strategic Planning: Created a succession-plan framework that recruits, develops, and retains human capital for a public charter school. Developed immediate steps in event of emergency change in management.
  • Financial Planning: Developing a funding program to ensure that every 2015 graduate of EL Haynes Public Charter School can be successful in college.
  • Strategic Planning: Creating scalable business processes for identifying, targeting, attracting, and retaining new clients for a national leadership development firm.Work closely with the Head of School, executive management, and board to develop strategic frameworks and execute projects necessary for achieving mission: preparing every student for long-term success at the college of his or her choice.

Business Development & Product Manager

BDS Group

Strategically developed innovative, scalable methods of business development, marketing, product planning and branding necessary to grow a 23-state business, while working closely with executive management, teams and investors. Responsible for generating profitable strategic business relationships, creating business growth, and adding value to customers. 

  • Business Development: Generated over $18 million in sales and added value to customers by creating a product roadmap, building partnerships, revamping strategies, and implementing technology to increase brand awarenes.
  • Strategic Plan Execution: Lead geographically dispersed team of 40 to expose product offering to over two million potential customers, increased leads by 62% year-over-year, and added 15% more sales in a 7-state region.
  • Partner Negotiation: Increased revenue, created value, and established strong community ties by forming strategic 3rd party partnerships.
  • Financial Analysis: Performed price elasticity analysis to determine pricing strategy. Created and implemented activity-based costing tool. Generated & managed fiscal budgets for marketing, business development, and advertising functions.
  • Marketing Strategy: Managed the concept development, design, production, and distribution of all marketing collateral for 23-state region. Facilitated marketing training for franchisees. Implemented a recognized Web 2.0 strategy.
  • Technology Implementation: Established a unified technology platform using products to standardize business metrics, improve communication, decrease costs, and increase sales for a 23-state region.

Logistics Analyst/Project Manager

The Kroger Co

Team member leading projects for the successful implementation of logistics and energy management projects.

  • Project Management: Saved 50% in handling costs and reduced errors in an automated distribution environment by collaborating with domestic and international grocery suppliers to plan and execute a packaging improvement strategy.
  • General Management: Coordinated multiple levels of staff involved in creating and implementing packaging strategy.
  • Board Management: Facilitated presentations and tours to Board of Directors and C-Level executives for Fortune 100 companies, meeting diverse needs in decision-making process regarding automated system performance improvements.
  • Technology Implementation: Directed installation, training, and implementation of a computerized maintenance management system that controlled over $1 million in parts inventory and tracked maintenance for a $50 million system.
  • Analytical Problem Solving: Created reporting platform that allowed real-time monitoring performance and significantly shortened the decision-making process for needed improvements.
  • Energy Program Implementation: Assisted in the development and implementation of a company wide energy savings initiative, saving over 20% in utility cost by the end of the first year.