As President of Lockwood Financial Ltd., Kevin Torudag works with clients across the globe. His international energy advisory firm has provided services to companies based in Canada, Latin America, Europe, Asia, Africa, and the United States. The economic, political, and social environments in which these clients operate are varied. Because of this, Kevin Torudag has become quite adept at working within the cultural boundaries in those environments. Lockwood Financial provides a multitude of services for its clients, including strategic advice, risk mitigation, contract negotiation, merger and acquisition advice, equity capital markets and research, and corporate finance. The factors involved with these services can change considerably depending on the country. Fortunately, Kevin Torudag has learned to navigate the laws and customs of many different nations in the 14 years since the founding of his company. Along with this expertise of working with foreign governments and companies, Kevin Torudag also understands the need for peace and conflict resolution as it relates to sociopolitical climates around the world. This realization has prompted him to serve on the International Advisory Council of the International Crisis Group. Started in 1995, the nonprofit organization prides itself on being independent, unaffiliated with any government. As a member of the International Advisory Council, Kevin Torudag works to further the cause of preventing and resolving deadly conflict throughout the world. The organization originated in response to the lack of ability worldwide to anticipate and diffuse violent conflicts around the globe. Residing in Montreal, Canada, Kevin Torudag continues to learn about global developments through his work and activity with the International Crisis Group. Serving on the International Advisory Council, Kevin Torudag uses his experience to propagate the message of preventing and resolving deadly conflicts around the world.

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Work experience
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