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  • Social Development of disadvantaged communities
  • Enhancing the literacy skills of youth that dropped out of school
  • Entrepreneurial development 
  • Poetry
  • Drama
  • Soccer


I would objective's in life to the give my total best in the things that I engage myself in and to ensure that I don't limit those that I serve in anyway. I believe that everyone deserves to be treated with out most respect and ensure that they are accepted as they are.

I'm passionate about people on the grassroot and would like to assist them in realising there potential therefore using it to enhance themselves and those around them.


about me…

I’m a passionate goal driven individual that is willing to learn new things and face every challenge that opposes me. Maybe that’s what got me started on the path of marketing and administration ladder; from a volunteer in an NGO working close to the PR & Resource Development team, to sales representative, marketing assistant/Intern and the world how knows what the future holds.

My combination of skills and varied working background has enabled me to combine my practical, organizational, technical, and managerial skills, and enable me to communicate on a variety of levels. I adapt to change quickly, and my balance between right- and left brain preference means that I can effectively communicate visually, and verbally as well as competently manage systems and admin tasks.  I am a dedicated and loyal employee, immersing myself into a position and becoming focussed on the internal vision.

One thing all my previous positions had in common was working with people – both internally and externally, thus improving my good people skills. I believe in work ethics and willingness, and therefore striving to help out everywhere I can and going beyond the call of duty, have added to the company- and customer service and accuracy being at the top of my priority list.

My broad range of working and academic experience, need to learn new skills, organisational skills, dedication, hard working nature, understanding of customer care, office dynamics and creativity, personality, team spirit  and “can-do” attitude are the most necessary attributes I need to be a compliment to any company.


Hilke Erasmus

Hilke has been my supervision from 2007-2010

Leona Pienaar

Leona has been my manager since December 2007 till October 2011

Work experience

Jan 2009Present

Creative Director

Lerato Events & Marketing

Part-time business that I do on the side helping smaller NGO's work better and sharing knowledge with them.

Dec 2007Sep 2011

PR & Communication Officer



Jun 2008Present

Diploma in Marketing

Jan 2000Dec 2005

Senior Certificate

General Smuts High School


Creative, Artistic
 Artistic (able to express yourself through art)  Music appreciation (love for music)  Dance, body movement  Perform, art  Expressive (able to express feelings easily) Present artistic ideas  Write short stories  Write poetry
Demonstrate Positive Attitudes & Behaviours
Confident (feel good about yourself)  Deal with people, problems and situations with honesty and respect  Recognize my own and other people’s good efforts Take care of my personal health Show interest, initiative and effort Accepting responsibility (admitting where you could have improved)
Supervising others  Arrange social functions  Motivate others (making others feel interested in something) Negotiate agreements (come to an agreement about something) Decisive (able to make decisions) Plan Delegate (giving someone else a job to complete)  Run meetings  Direct others (telling other people what they need to do)  Self-controlled  Explain things to others  Speaking in public  Self-motivated  Get result  Solve problems  Mediate others (helping two sides come to an agreement)  Take risks Instructing others (showing others what to do)  Competitive when necessary
Problem Solving
 Identify problems  Look at different points of view  Recognize different parts of a problem  Identify the root cause of a problem  Be creative in exploring possible solutions  Consider different solutions  Put the solution into action  Check to see if a solution works  Change the solution if needed
Dealing with numbers and Information
  Analyse data and facts Finding information using technology   Negotiating (give and take, to make an agreement) Observe and record data  
Communication Skills
  Writing (proposals, reports, press releases)  Telephone techniques, public speaking  Negotiating  Talking with ease to other people Create a dialogue about new ideas Communication plans (within company) Conflict Managment  
Computer Literacy
Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Publisher, Outlook, Internet