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Complex Problem Solving
In my last role I was responsible to manage and take care of any and all issues that arose from either internal or external stakeholders.
I have used Photoshop extensively. I have created graphics, done photo retouching and enhancements.


My interests include nature photography. I enjoy embarking on adventures through the mountains with my camera. Find great photo opportunities and then take the photos into Photoshop and work on them until I am satisfied. After that I make prints and sometimes find old frames and refinish them.

Work experience

Nov 2006Mar 2013

Business Manager

Inkjet Art

Established and maintained relationships with stakeholders both inside and outside the organization. Socially perceptive to the needs of both customers and vendors and made decisions which would benefit all parties involved. Organized, planned, and prioritized a heavy workload which included all day-to-day operations within the organization. Coordinated all sales orders and purchase order shipments. Analyzed data and information gathered from customers to develop informative ways to assist the customers.

§Increased web traffic by 10%; Developed and maintained social network.

§Increased new internet sales by 5-10 daily orders

§Created a spreadsheet comparing over 2000 products; researched and gathered information from competitors and the market place..

§Developed pricing strategies; to compete against larger organizations and appear more attractive to consumers.

§Initiated market research;on all new media products, wide format inkjet printers, and office supplies

§Advised customerson pricing and cost analysis within their workflow (cost per print)

§Monitored and tracked 250 weekly orders; communicated the process clearly to customers

§Actively listened to customer complaints and ensured the customer was taken care of and satisfied.

Sep 2006Nov 2006

sales rep

Complete XRM

Reached out to potential customers to introduce the product and offer support. Developed time management skills to maximize the amount of potential customers which could be reached on a daily basis. Monitored the database for potentially large customers.

§Increased customer awareness by reaching out by phone or email and getting feedback.

§Communicated with up to 100 potentially new customers daily.

§Interacted with computers and databases to find potentially new customers

§Persuaded potential customers to consider the products offered

Jan 2004Jun 2006

CSR/Junior Underwriter

Colonial General Insurance Agency

Made decisions about potential risks based on the materials and applications sent in for insurance requests. Developed learning strategies to increase knowledge within the insurance industry. Negotiated with insurance agents with the potential risk involved in insuring new drivers.

§ Wrote $80,00 in new premiums in the 1st month

§Monitored and maintained 30 insurance policies a day.

§Communicated with insurance agents in 6 states; Utah, Wyoming, Idaho, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico

§Developed critical thinking skills while assessing  potential risks in new policies and endorsements. 


Jan 2013Present


University of Utah

Studied Spanish, Cross Cultural Communication, and World Geography

Aug 2007Dec 2008


University of Phoenix
Apr 2005Jun 2007


University of Phoenix

Studied marketing, business law, international marketing, buyer behavior, critical thinking. Learned to work in a team environment. Developed presentation skills and top communicate both written and verbally.

Mar 1995Dec 2004

Associates of Science

Salt Lake Community College

Studied Psychology, Biology, Design, Math, Writing, Business, Sociology, 

Apr 2001Dec 2002

Associates of Applied Science

Utah Career College

Studied-Design essentials, drawing, typography, Photoshop, Illustrator, video editing, basic HTML, Dreamweaver, and Flash.


Carol Boss

Carol worked for one our vendors while I was working for Inkjet Art. 

Greg Lahart

Greg purchased Inkjet Art and moved the company to Chicago. I helped him break down Inkjet Art and offered support while his staff in Chicago transitioned to operating Inkjet Art as well.

Scott Conry

Scott worked for one of our vendors while I was working at Inkjet Art

Mike Beck

I have known Mike for over 20 years. We know each other very well.

Daniel Granderath

Dan owned Inkjet Art when I was working there.