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  • Focusing on Emerging Technology in identifying and qualifying thought leaders with expertise in Data Science, Software Engineering, Machine Learning, Web Analytics, "Large scale data and analytic processing paradigms"
  • Recruiting expertise: I make it a priority to have a deep understanding of the business and what creates a successful and delightful hiring experience and can apply it in practice across various functions.
  • Leadership & change management: I can proactively zoom out, set, and execute a long-term & short-term strategy for the team and cross-functional partners, even amidst chaotic day-to-day priorities.
  • Player-coach management: I do not shy away from doing the building when needed. I try to inspire and coach everyone from junior team members to senior executives.

Work experience


Director, Talent Acquisition

Responsible for recruiting leadership and high impact requirements across the organization globally. Lead a talent acquisition team of recruiters, researchers recruiting highly motivated Software Engineers, Data Scientist, Product Management, Analytics, Data Engineers , and Model Developers .  RMS is building the  next-generation risk analysis platform that is a highly scalable, cloud-based SaaS offering that performs detailed risk analyses for clients worldwide.

Jun 20132014

Senior Engineering Technical Recruiter (Consulting)

Responsible for recruiting engineers with experience in large-scale data systems, Hiring, Data Scientist, Java, Hadoop Software Engineers. Strong background in data mining, machine learning, statistical analysis, and modeling. Keen aptitude for large scale data analysis with a penchant for identifying key insights from data. Fluency in programming languages like C/C++/Java and scripting languages like Perl/Python. Hadoop internals, MapReduce and the Hadoop ecosystem(Pig, Hive, Streaming).

Aug 2010Jun 2013

Senior Engineering Recruiter (Consulting)

Lead technical recruiter supporting the engineering & product management organization across EMC/Greenplum. Building the world's largest Data Warehouse at a true petabyte-scale. Massive parallel data-intensive analytic processing.C, Python, Perl, Java, JavaScript. PostgreSQL, MySQL.Erlang/OTP, Hadoop, MapReduce. Analytics, Data Science. Participate in the research and design for state-of-the-art fault-tolerant management frameworks.

Jan 2010Jul 2010
Google Ventures

Senior Technical Recruiter (Consulting)

Technical Recruiting for software engineers developing the next-generation technologies.  Projects include working on advanced information-retrieval algorithms, massive scalability and storage solutions, and large-scale applications that enrich the user experience. Work extensively on networking systems, advertising systems, and complex transaction systems in consumer applications.  C/C++, Java, JS, Python and number of other programming and scripting languages to build complex test infrastructure for our wide array of distributed computing systems and architecture that span Search, Mobile, Ads, Google Apps, etc.

Jan 2009Oct 2009
Booz Allen Hamilton

Management Consultant Cloud Computing (Consulting)

Staffing consult focusing on identifying and qualifying cloud computing thought leaders, (IT) professionals with expertise in:  "Large scale data and analytic processing paradigms" Utilizing Hadoop + Hbase, HDFS, Hive, Semantic Web applications, Mahout, Pig and machine learning applications.

Feb 2007Jan 2009

Sr. Technical Recruiter Lead: (Consulting)

Technical Recruiter/Lead for (SDS) Strategic Data Solutions and Insights Global Strategy.  Managed recruiting and sourcing strategies for 500 people engineering organization. Recruited Executive Level Engineering Management, Distinguished Engineers, Product Managers, Architects, Staff & Senior Software Engineers. Technologies in: SaaS, Web Based Services, Web applications. Backend VLDB, innovative ETL and analytic systems. Business Intelligence.

Additional Experience Upon Request



Professional Recruiter

  • Trailblazer and self-described “recruiting geek” with Instinctual Emotional Intelligence.
  • 15 years of staffing management and hands-on recruiting, sourcing & leading staffing teams in emerging technology.
  • Track record of establishing and operationalizing recruiting strategies during periods of rapid growth and change.
  • Disciplined and data-driven approach to solving staffing-related and overall business challenges.