President and Founder

Gersh Academy

I am the founder and director of several schools and programs (from kindergarten to college) that address the needs of students with autism-spectrum disorders. I hire, supervise, and train staff and ensure the quality and consistency of our programs. I also represent our programs to the public. Executive oversight and hands-on leadership for of all of our schools and programs. I am recognized nationally for success in addressing the needs of children, teens, and young adults suffering from autism-spectrum disorders. I recently was recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the nation's top businesspeople, receiving an Inc 5000 award and a British Airways Face to Face Award which included a trip to Dubai to research education opportunities there. I am pursuing ways to bring US quality special education services to other parts of the world--including the middle east, where special-needs children are often shunned or neglected. I am also the vice president and executive director for West Hills Day Camp, one of the premier traditional day camps on the East Coast.