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Developer of Music Blogs
Puddlegum Launched one of the first online music magazines in 1997. Mentioned by Thom Yorke during an interview on BBC Radio 6. Written about in, Rolling Stone Brazil, TUWA, Green Plastic, and many music blogs. Wrote over 400 articles, reviewing albums, interviewing artists, and analyzing the recording industry. (1997 - 2008) Chasing Lions ( Launched one of the first 'blog labels.' First release will be The Soft Drugs (T.W. Walsh from Pedro the Lion) in October, 2008. Working with Paste Magazine and Riot Act to promote our music. Managing Online Marketing (January, 2008 - Present)
Music Journalist
Website Designer
Recording Engineer
Darkroom - Jets That Fly Engineering, co-production, mixing, mastering, artist development. (November 2007 - July 2008)     Freelance Engineering Engineering, mixing, and mastering various artists including: Nathan Edwin, Jess Strantz, Far From Phoenix, The Notions, and others. (2002 - Present)

Work experience

Jul 2005Present

Residential Youth Therapist

Lifeline Youth and Family Resources
Jan 2005Aug 2005

Residential Youth Therapist

Jan 2004Jan 2005

Digital Photographer, Videographer

Siding Match


Therapeutic Counseling Intervention

Jul 2007Present

Certified Sound Engineer

The Recording Workshop

Demo Reel

Journalism Highlights

Mentioned by Thom Yorke (Radiohead) during a BBC Radio interview.

Featured on the front page of Rolling Stone,TUWA, Digg, Stereogum, VH1's Best Week Ever.