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As i have mention earlier , I have taken parts in Various school events and competition it has forced  me to think out of my mind and beyond my thoughts.Events and competition such as Innovative Product and Marketing Competition, Galaxy Bazaar and Social Innovation Relay has helped in gaining in me this skill of creativity.This all have developed my mind  to such a extent that my mind has itself become creative.
For a business to survive in this modern world of technology marketing is necessary nowadays for each and every firm for its growth and diversification. I gain this skill during my school days. As i have already mention about our school events IPM and Galaxy Bazaar, it has sharpen my marketing skills to a great extent . Specially in IPM my marketing skill was sharpen as we have to make different marketing strategies of our product for different sectors of society . In a similar Galaxy Bazaar too sharpen my marketing skills as we have to market this event throughout the city. I had also took part in Junior Achievement Social Innovation Relay , this was junior achievement competition held by HP all throughout the nation and those who are intrested in it have to register for it and i with my team had registered in it and we were successful in reaching in top 10 teams throughout the nation. This competition was totally base on marketing strategies and this too have sharpen my marketing skills.
Communication skills serve as a basic necessity to a businessperson. without communication skill businessmen cannot be successful in his life because it serve as a base to interact with each other. I have gained this skill during my school days. As i have mention earllier about our school event Galaxy Bazaar, it has sharpen my communication skill as in those school days we use to go to different corners of the city for sponsorships and for marketing our event which has sharpen my communication skills.
As i already have a work experience for 5 yrs in Silk Sajavat as a Management and Marketing head i know the consumers very well , know their wants and the things which will give them the satisfaction. Silk Sajavat is a well known retail outlet in gujarat and the job Experience was great and by having such job experience of 5 yrs i have gained in me very well skills of analysing and examing the consumers.    


My interest includes many things like

  • Managing the event
  • To do something adventure in life
  • To do a business and to be a well known business personality 
  • To do something Innovative in life

At school level also I have managed several events. During my 11th nd 12th we use  to have two great events IPM and GB which ask for a more of practical knowledge about business and at the same time we also gained a hands full of practical knowledge about business management and its marketing strategies.IPM stands for Innovative Product and Marketing Competition, this was the competition where in we have to make a Partnership Firm among our classmates and have to think about a innovative product and we use to have to decide marketing strategies to promote our product in various sectors and the competition about this between different teams are held.

GB another event it stands for Galaxy Bazaar, it was a lifetime experience and gained and learnt many things from this. This is the event organized by the students and wherein students have to find out sponsors throughout the city. It was like a mini bazaar consisting of three parts Bazaar, Game Zone and Food Zone and the profit which we make out of it was donated to a underprivileged Students. Both this event serve as a life time experience and achievement for us and has improved our marketing and management skills to a great extent.

I like adventures sport and have done white water rafting on the river alaknanda and it was lifetime experience that one can ever had.


Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Marketing and Managing Head

Silk Sajavat

Silk Sajavat is a well known business retail outlet in Gujarat .I had a very good experience for 5 yrs of work at Silk Sajavat 

This third generation family business is into retailing of home furnishings products. The family's commitment to innovation and consistency has helped the firm transform from a small fabric house to a market leader.

Providing customer satisfaction with mixtures of elegant colors, emotions, dreams, choices, fashion and fabrics makes the Silk Sajavat leading retailer of home furnishing products in India.


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Located in the heart of India's financial capital, Mumbai, SVKM's Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies is amongst the nation's prime centers of educational excellence & research.

Today more than 12000 students and 350 full time faculty members are part of India's most sought after academic community i.e. NMIMS.

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High School Education


TGES - The Galaxy Education System

I am proud to be a student of TGES and gain hands full of practical knowledge and i still miss my school and is the best school in which it not only give main motives to studies but also allows students to take part in sports and other co-corricular activities.

TGES believes that all students and staff have talent and it is the responsibility of the institution to develop it. The role of TGES is to find ways for its stakeholders to succeed rather than find ways for them to fail.

TGES believes in mutual trust; there is no place for fear, boss management, boss teaching, bullying, sarcasm or coercion.

TGES believes in the excellence of every child, every staff member and not just a few. It believes in the collaborative efforts of all students, staff in producing desired outcomes. The message is to cooperate with others, compete with self. TGES believes in creating an atmosphere in which students and staff give nothing but their best, without any exception, and have this expectation of each other all the times.

TGES believes in continuously changing for the better; in meaningful and holistic ways.