Kevin Chen


Six years selling experience in Semiconductor field and in charge of

1.) Memory field

2.) Opto Semicon. & Storage field (Laser Diode)

3.) RF-PA field

4.) MCU & Panel field

5.) Software with maintenace.

I am a kind of person as below - Creative and broad mind - Aggressive ambition & positive attitude -

A quick learner and team worker. Which I can learn new product and deal with new account in the short time. The point is I can let my customers know our new feature, advantage and benefit very quickly and understand the point. Except selling skill, I also have to provide our value, benefit, market trend and technical support for my customers and channels. Customers and channel always say 'I am a kind of easygoing and hard working person', due to I take care my customer very well and keep long-tern relationship. I can say 'outstanding communication and listening skills is so important'.

Kevin Chen

Work experience

Work experience

Sales Manager

Global Semiconductor Company