kevin Zhong

  • Edison New Jersey
kevin Zhong


I am interested in a job in the law enforcement program. I would like to become a police officer and wish to serve and protect my community.

Work experience

Work experience
Jan 2013 - Present


Yoshi Tomi
     -I am a waiter, and cashier at a Japanese restaurant in Woodbridge, NJ

     -I help manage the restaurant by creating new ideas that might help pick up business at              the restaurant.

     -I  manage the workers so that they are doing what they are supposed to do.


Sep 2013 - Present

High School Deploma

Edison High School
50 Blvd of the Eagles Edison, Nj 08817
Class of 2017




As a member of the Track & Field team. I work well with my  teammates and sometimes you need to work together in order to succeed.


I show management from working  and also sports. At the restaurant where i work, i make sure that the employees are doing what they are supposed to so and also making sure that the chefs prepared enough food to serve the customers.  


I show leadership by being apart of extra curricular activities and sports. Being on the Track&Field team, i always encourage my fellow members to do their best and always gives their 110% in what they do. I like to guide them in the right direction to succeed. 



Nov 2014 - Present


Winter and Spring Track & Field