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After successfully completing the HSC, I am now studying B Software Engineering at the University of Sydney. Currently, I am seeking practical experience to finalise my degree and help grow my future career.

As such, I aim to join an innovative company that will help build a solid IT foundation and progress my skills and experience. With AccessHQ being a leading quality assurance company, I am particularly drawn to the areas of test automation, performance testing and product integration. I believe that software quality is crucial to the development process; I have had to rewrite code or add more work plenty of times! I have faith that a career at AccessHQ will reinforce this belief of placing importance on software quality.



Bachelor of Engineering (Software)

University of Sydney
  • Currently in final year of degree.
  • Undertaking thesis.
  • Credit grade average.

Higher School Certificate

Sefton High School

Technical Knowledge

This section details a list of relevant knowledge obtained from my degree:

  • First and second year level mathematics in:
    • Calculus - Differential and integral
    • Linear Algebra
    • Statistics
    • Discrete and Graph Theory
  • Introductory level courses in:
    • Data Structures
    • IT Security
    • Artificial Intelligence
    • Graphics and Multimedia - rendering animation with processing
    • Physics - Electromagnetism, fluid dynamics and quantum
    • Human-Computer Interaction
    • Software Quality Engineering
    • Computer and Network Organisation
    • Enterprise Scale Software Architecture
    • Technology Venture Creation
    • Marketing Principles
  • Intermediate/advanced courses in:
    • Database Systems
    • Project Management
    • Object Oriented Design
    • Object Oriented Application Frameworks

Technical Skills

  • Spring framework
  • Django
  • Jinja2
  • Framework for pgAdmin
  • Google AppEngine NDB
  • pgAdmin
  • Mainly 2D rendering with some 3D.
HTML, CSS, Javascript, XML
  • JQuery
  • Bootstrap
  • Electron framework
Microsoft Office
  • PowerPoint
  • Excel
  • Word

Hobbies and Interests

Programming on the side

  • Attempted a game in Unity.
  • Currently attempting an Android app.
  • Developed a small portable, fat-client application using Electron.


  • Secondary Schools Chess Competition 2010 - MET South-West Region Winners.
  • Secondary Schools Chess Competition 2011 - MET South-West Region Runners Up.


  • Participated in League of Legends Intra-University gaming tournament 2014 (2nd place) and 2015 (6th place)