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Why I want to be the Assembly Candidate for Enfield and Haringey

There are many reasons why I want to be the next London Assembly member for Enfield and Haringey. As a candidate, I bring a very diverse background to the table. I was born in London and have lived in London for most of my life to a working-class family in NorthEast London, going to a school that was previously in special measures to eventually graduating from a good university. This shaped my view that the best path towards a good life is education, and it is our duty to deliver those opportunities. Realising I was gay at a young age and experiencing discrimination and bullying first-hand shaped my views of social justice and fairness.

Since I've been born, it feels like London has changed a lot. Demographically, there are huge shifts – politically, even bigger. Something as seemingly innocuous as the creation of the Greater London Authority has changed London massively – we have Oyster cards, Boris Bikes (as dreamed up by our own Lynne Featherstone), the London Overground and TfL Rail (soon to be Crossrail). Putting London in control of its own destiny has made London a much better place to live already. I know London can be better though. At the same time as all this progress has been a worrying slip on some issues – housing is the big social and demographic time-bomb we have on our hands. We need to act now unless we want a generation of pensioners on housing benefit.

In the shorter term, the housing problem is causing an intolerable house-of-living crisis. In Haringey, many residents spend 50% of their weekly earnings on rent. This cannot be allowed to continue. Air pollution has become a bigger issue in London. We need a big, bold approach to reducing air pollution that blights the lives of everyone across London. We need to build on London Assembly reports looking at the pedestrianisation of Oxford Street; we need to be radical looking at schemes that will reduce this as a problem. The issue of Heathrow will loom large in this election and we must, again, be the only major party unambiguously against a third runway. Local infrastructure cannot take it, local residents do not want it and our environment will not allow it.

I want to be part of a strong London Liberal Democrat team campaigning and hammering out our distinctive message – we need a full-time Mayor who will stand up for all of London, not just Zone 1, a Liberal Democrat team who will tackle the housing crisis, a team that can be trusted with the future of London Underground and delivering Crossrail, a team that will work hard to protect local services as we have done since 2012. We have a proud record in London, and we will continue to have one – but only if we continue to shout about it.

Being from North-East London, the way in which the North is distinct from the rest of London resonates with me. Enfield and Haringey is no exception. When I canvassed during the General Election in places like Highgate, Bounds Green and Muswell Hill, I realised something: these were our voters – they had not left us, so much as they had felt we left them. They are socially liberal progressives with social justice at their heart. A large number of them stayed with us, but there is still a large number that we need to win back next year, and in years to come.

I want to win these people back. If shortlisted and selected to be the Liberal Democrat London Assembly candidate for Enfield and Haringey constituency, I will fight tirelessly to deliver our unique message, to fight for our unique values and to deliver a victory for our party across London and to elect more London Assembly members in 2016.

Political Experience

Dec 2014Present

London Regional Conference Voting Representative

Dec 2014Present

Liberal Youth Representative

Ealing Local Party
Nov 2012Present

Federal Conference Voting Representative

Jun 2013Present

English Council Member

Dec 2014Present

Executive Member

Liberal Democrat Mental Health Association

Working with other Executive Members to formulate better policies and promote mental health awareness within the Liberal Democrats.

Feb 2015May 2015

Parliamentary Candidate for Ealing North

Attended all hustings invited to, ran a small stakeboard operation, designed and put out an addressed non-split freepost and replied to lobbying e-mails.

Mar 2014Sep 2014

Campaigns Organiser

Newbury and West Berkshire Local Party
  • Delivering our 2014 campaigns
  • Co-ordinating with neighbouring areas
  • Overseeing all production schedules
  • Monitoring progress towards agreed goals
  • Managing office inventory and overseeing administration
  • Designing literature
  • Advising on policy
Jul 2012Jul 2013


University of Kent Liberal Youth

- Calling Executive meetings
- Organising big speaker events
- Representing the Local Party to the University branch
- Acting as a point of liaison between the Local Party and the University branch

Nov 2011Jul 2013

Committee Member

Kent Union LGBT+ Campaign

- Member of Steering Group that run 'YES to Equal Marriage' campaign on campus - winning with 73% of the vote
- Chair of Steering Group that run 'lobbying the Lords' campaign - designing, printing and addressing literature and key groups for second reading vote
- Oversaw institutional reform that made the Campaign more independent from the Student Union
- Attended Executive meetings
- Attended and ran monthly forums

Nov 2011Apr 2013

Delegate (Kent Union)

NUS LGBT+ Conference

- Representing Kent Union to the National Union of Students
- Attending training sessions
- Attending NUS LGBT Conference 2013

Oct 2012Nov 2012


Campaign to Save Chaucer Fields
Sep 2012Oct 2012


Votes For Students
Jun 2012Sep 2012

Campaigns Intern

Office of Lynne Featherstone MP and Haringey Local Party
  • Assisting with volunteer recruitment and management
  • Managing print jobs from design to wholesaling
  • Assisting with data entry and volunteer training
  • Accompanying Lynne to events as required
Jan 2011May 2011


Yes! To Fairer Votes
Nov 2009Jul 2010


c2c Passenger Panel

- Attending bi-monthly meetings
- Lobbying for Oyster extension to Thurrock
- Representing Grays commuters to Management
- Advising on better customer-facing responses to operational issues



I have blogged on my website, on LibDemVoice and on EHR.Scot


I have written policy for Liberal Youth and spoken on policy at Federal Conference

Political Communication

I have authored campaigns e-mails before and helped produce political messaging

Volunteer Management

I have organised action days, clerical sessions and helped organise teams to work together to campaign

Political Campaigns

I have helped produce timelines, costed plans, literature, strategies, etc. for national and local political campaigns