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Work experience

Oct 2015Oct 2015

Volunteering For The Sycamore Pumpkin Parade

Sycamore Police department

 Working along side Sycamore's police department to help direct traffic and resolve any challenges that came up. Taking charge leading traffic and calming people down.

Jul 20162021

Military Police Officer

United States Army

Military police officers protect the lives and property on Army installations along with interviewing suspects, witnesses and victims. They also control traffic, prevent crime and respond to all emergence. 


Aug 2012May 2016

High School Graduate

Genoa Kingston High School

Currently working towards a high school diploma and graduating with honors.  

Aug 2014May 2016

Kishwaukee College

Kishwaukee Community College

Enrollment at Kishwaukee Community College for criminal justice. 12 credit hours by May of 2016. The class informs you about the history of law and policing and how to combat future crimes. The class emphasizes ethics, honesty and integrity;  a trait any law enforcer must show. 



When putting my mind to something it will get done. 


Doing the right thing when no one is paying attention. Always striving to do the right thing and to do good. 


Four years in cross country and was the unspoken leader of the team. 

Verbal Judo

A technique in talking to people for them to peacefully calm down and preventing violence. 


Having to conduct many challenges on a time crunch and motivating to get a job done efficiently and effectively. 

Team work

Charismatic and an open person.  Gets along and works well with others. 

Problem solver

Always trying to solve problems, making work more productive.