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Work History


Store manager


In charge of day to day operations, payroll, inventory receiving and auditing stock levels on hand vs reports, money managemen, reconciliation and deposits. Promotional signage and contract keeping, environmental book keeping, testing snd inspection, in charge of scheduling, customer complaints resolved, employee training and discipline. Food management certification and testing, carwash maintenance. Secret shopper satisfaction and compliance, Shift and day reports. Data input and report reviews for numbers and product needs. I ran the pilot program in southern California which was a major overhaul in the operating systems of gas stations. Responsible for communicating bugs and fixes that were needed before a complete rollout of system.. Upheld and enforced company standards and policies,  comducted periodic reviews of staff p-erformance and recertifi ation requirements.


Independent contractor/ warehouse manager

Chris Margison dive service

Warehouse management. Product rotation, inventory-shipping and receiving, cash handling and reconciliation. Payroll delivery, Inventory management. Communicated daily needs to off site company personell. Store operations included booth (swapmeet) setup and one on one interactions with customers and there needs. Maintained a thorough knowledge of product and customers needs, quality control of inventory as well as audit of stock on hand


Customer service representative


Cash handling and reconciliation. Inventory management, up-selling and keeping customers informed of promotions, pricing of products, promotional and advertisement placement. Shift reports both via the computer and by hand. Propane refllls. 1 on 1 interaction in full service with a goal of Customer Service  satisfaction and understanding of their vehicles needs.Quarterly promotional testing and training in order to stay on top of all promotions and upcoming secret shops, responsible for maintaining site cleanliness, this includes islands, bay garage, and convenient store. Maintained daily environmental logs, checked in deliveries, reported directly   tom site manager any issues orproblems that required his attention, assisted manager in daily books




Oversaw day to day operations, secured work, networked with various community organization's (food banks, donation centers etc...) where mutually beneficial, public speaking, managed transportation needs of residents, scheduling both individual's personal and homes general agenda, oversaw various job sites, assessed clients progress and helped them develop and reach various goals, worked with law enforcement, sat on the board of directos and communicated with various departments with the assistance of local churches how to best serve our residence, facility inspections, reviewed policy and practices regularly, counseling one on one, teaching, program and policy enforcement, intakes and discharges, secured finances and income, deposits and receipts, food delivery, provided for the homeless when and where able, coference speaking,


Customer Service Representative, Swing manager.


Led various shifts and oversaw team on duty, ran break relief checked in deliveries, money management and reconciliation. Resolved customer complaints and employee issues whether scheduling or disciplinary. processed daily and shift paperwork, data input, customer complaints resolved, open/ close store, supervised food preparation and safe and healthy practices, inventory quality anad control by proper rotation, customer service and upselling, deposits, staff certification and discipline.


Customer Service Representative, Shift manager

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Responsible for inventory management, cash reconciliation, shift reports and daily reports. Open the store and close the store, made deposits. Oversaw daily operations while on duty including break relief, policy review and adherence.  secret shop compliance and satisfaction, Monitoring team on duty to upwell and push sales. data input and report review,  staff training and sccheduling, customer complaints resolved, invenotry shipping and receiving, monthly promotional sign placement  and removal. movie reveiws.






Computer Skills

MS Office (Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook), ADP and PAYCOM, SSCS operating system, Internet, Facebook, outlook, pos, 


i am a hard working individual who is punctual, teachable and enjoy learning. i am a teamplayer and a goal oriented individual who views success as the natural by product of doing things well. In my last job we had a decline in gas sales and a lot of down time due to consturction. By keeping my team mindful of upselling and its simnplicity, we managed to sell an extra seventy thousand dollars in product to fiinsh with a profit greater than the previous year. Upon departing from my last job my store was ranked first out of 328 stores in the San Diego area. This was the teams success and only attainable by clear and efficienct training, understanding of expectations and constant communication both from the management down and from the customer service reps up.  I am an indivual who loves the customners I serve and thoorughly enjoy seeing them leave and return with that same smile. i strive to make my environment one in which people enjoy to be while maintaining the utmost levels of professionalism and respect.i have a broad range of experience in many different fields, in which certain skills continually are relied upon. I am accountable and view my time on the clock as my employers time. I have a good work ethic and am not satisfied with a minimal perfomance to get by and if i am given an opportunity with your company I believe that it would be mutually beneficial.