Wenjun Gao

Wenjun Gao

Product Marketer/Manager

Work experience

Work experience


Jan 2016 - Present
Lead Web Developer/Designer

 AKG Studio provides web development/design/marketing services for clients.

  • Designed and produced the video series template for client fromtheexpert.com
  • Provided a SaaS small business client with web marketing consulting and helped increase client's monthly revenue by 18% in the following month


Jul 2015 - Nov 2015
Chinese Localization Specialist

I helped Red5 Studios prepare its popular MMO Firefall for the China Launch.

  • Researched and analyzed China's gaming market
  • Initiated a database project that organized game assets for the localization team
  • Collaborated with Q&A teams from both China and US to fix various in-game bugs


Apr 2013 - Mar 2015
Founder & CEO

LolClass.com is a very popular eSports brand that partners with world-class eSports organizations to produce video guides for gamers.

  • Produced over 500 videos in 17 months, over 400 hours of published content
  • Used analytic data to formulate and implemented various social media marketing campaigns that yielded significant exposure.[Over 5m+ views on Twitch, 100k+ Youtube subscribers, 90k+ registered users]
  • Pioneered a streamlined production process that increased LolClass's monthly video output by 400%.
  • Handled all business operations and grew the one-man business into a 10 people company
  • Negotiated and maintained partnerships with the biggest eSports organizations in the world(TSM, CLG, Cloud9, Liquid, Curse, OMG)


Oct 2012 - Sep 2013
Founder & Team Manager

Founder & Team Manager| New World Gaming was an eSports organization that owned and managed multiple eSports teams: Azure Gaming, Azure Cats and New World Eclipse

  • Recruited and managed player talents for all three teams, 30% of the players I've managed ended up playing in the LCS
  • Sold the company to fund for LolClass.com



Babson College

Sep 2009 - May 2013
Bachelor - Strategic Management

Bachelors-Strategic Management| Babson is a private business school that has been ranked #1 for its entrepreneurship program for decades and recently Money Magazine ranked the school as the No. 2 College overall in the U.S., above many ivy league programs. 


Chinese(native), Marketing Strategy, Internet Marketing, Social Media Campaigns, Product Development, Project Management, Python, HTML/CSS, UX/UI Design, Photoshop, Video Production, Premiere,  After Effects, Communication/Presentation


I lead a team of 3 developers to build VOContest.com, a contest platform for university clubs to host crowd-sourced contests and promote online events. Prior to ending the project, VO Contest had over 10k+ registered users and over 100k+ combined unique visitors.