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C# ASP.NET SQL Server Developer

Work experience

Technical Lead-Asp.Net

Next Wave Consulting

TECHNICAL LEAD-ASP.NET C#and SQL Server Developer San Diego, CA Provided extensive Production Support, and fix problems in a short span of time. Used Microsoft Entity Framework Code First approach for the Data Access Layer and defined entities that are used for data access MVC application. Used Normalization approach in database to efficiently organize data in database and eliminate data repetition. Provided guideline and code samples to improve system performance. Deployed projects in Windows Azure. Wrote T-SQL queries to get the required dataset what needs to be downloaded in SQL Server. Created test cases and performed basic manual testing. Designed web forms using ASP.NET, developed various.NET assemblies. Reworked on a part of the GUI's to improve interface without affecting the performance of the application. Built the entire application using three-tier architecture(presentation layer, business layer and data access layer) employing object oriented programming(OOP) concepts such as: Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, and Abstraction. Participated in various group meetings with Business users and with other project teams to make sure that the business requirements reflect in the project development. Implemented Single Sign-On(SSO) Solutions to provide common gateway for login. Extended ASP.NET MVC applications by creating Views, Controller actions and Model classes. Involved in code optimization and performance tuning of the application. Wrote RDBMS objects like stored procedures, views and user defined functions using SQL Server 2012. Used Data Grid and Data List controls with paging and sorting to edit and display the data. Programmed ADO.NET for communication between application and database, used Data Grid, Data• Set, Data Table, Data Views, Data Adapter and Data Readers to render Views. Created various Tables, custom views, indexes and relations using SQL Server Management Studio Express. Used jQuery UI API for the animation and UI development of ASP.NET applications. Created unit tests to test action methods using Visual Studio testing framework. Designing the screen according to communicate with database using domain specific objects through ORM techniques like Entity Framework and LINQ o SQL for data access. Involved in the design of the use case diagrams and class diagrams using Microsoft Visio. Designed and developed web

Business Owner

Business Owner San Diego, CA Empower Network Emphasize product features based on analysis of customers' needs. Attend trade shows and sales conferences. Collaborate with colleagues to exchange selling strategies and marketing information. Used networking opportunities to create successful, on-going business relationships. Train new customers one-on-one. Lead group trainings.

Business Owner


Business Owner San Diego, CA Send Out Cards Emphasize product features based on analysis of customers' needs. Attend trade shows and sales conferences. Collaborate with colleagues to exchange selling strategies and marketing information. Used networking opportunities to create successful, on-going business relationships. Train new customers one-on-one. Lead group trainings.

Independent Consultant

Independent Consultant Ottawa, ON SQL Server Developer Experience in support and enhancement of real time web-based applications based on platforms such as Ruby on Rails, HTML5, CSS3, Javascript and Ajax. Consulted with small to mid-sized companies in providing guidance the back end framework to work on their business needs and developed a plan for executing and guiding the development work to the end product. Implemented full stack ruby on rails. Developed APIs and integrations with various systems used by the companies. Thrived in a fast paced environment with a firm understanding and implementation of software engineering trends. Applied SOA, TDD, BDD and Agile Scrum methodologies for software development and management. Expertise in Ruby on Rails, web frameworks and other programming languages, a passion for Web 2.0 trends, APIs, mashups and other disruptive technologies. Proficient in Ruby, Ruby on Rails, AJAX, Javascript, JQuery, Sublime, Atom, RubyMine IDE. Excellent knowledge of Object Oriented Concepts and Web development technologies using UML. Conceptualized the design and developed classes using Rails framework.

Business Owner

Business Owner Ottawa, ON Involved in the brokering of telecom services from major service providers. Customers usually save money with services like Cell Service, TV, Internet, Merchant Services. Sold essential services that most people already use but paid for at a much higher cost. Opened a web store affiliated with ACN Independent Business Owners. Implemented and evolved high-impact strategies to target new business opportunities and new markets. Managed the in-house advertising program consisting of print and media collateral pieces.

Lead Developer-C#

Avanade Canada
Lead Developer-C#ASP.NET SQL Server Ottawa, ON Led mid to large level private and Government of Canada projects-Canada post and Canada Immigration Services and private enterprises. Managed and mentored a team of four developers to accomplish project deliverables. Communicated project updates including risks and production issues to the program manager. Developed internal local frameworks that saved the project $1. 5 million in costs. Hired and managed employees and consultants per the departmental and project level needs. Managed technical aspects of each of the projects including system architecture, database management, code development and delivery. Spearheaded and resolved client facing issues and high priority bugs for operational efficiency. Implemented BizTalk/C#/SQL Server to enable companies automate business processes. C#ASP.NET Oracle Developer(DBA) Ottawa, ON

Willis Business College
Developed an end to end web application using VB.NET, ASP.NET and Access/SQL Server 2000. Architected the solution to facilitate assignments of classrooms buildings and students via the intranet web and the student registration and scheduling system. Worked as part of a team of three developers on the project and was often responsible for assigning sub-tasks and supervising their progress. Developed scripts for the Access and SQL Server databases that included writing creating database objects such as Tables, Views, Stored Procedures. Scripted and developed the User Interface design, middle tier components and database design for the application. Implemented the solution using the n-tier object model, separating the user interface from the business rules. Implemented the solution using the object oriented design. Designed classes that used inheritance, polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction. Used ASP.NET controls such as the data grid to display result sets in a tabular format and used the AutoPostback feature in some cases to minimize the user interaction.


Nortel Networks Corporation
Team Lead-C#ASP.NET Oracle Developer Ottawa, ON Mentored junior developers on the technical aspects of web development and delivery Promoted twice after annual performance reviews. Implemented VB6 and C#.NET to develop website which included local as well as integrated effort for workforce communication. Developed and managed seven Nortel's intranet and internet websites that reached the global customer base and employees. Developed Oracle databases with PL/SQL. Saved the company a total of $730K as a direct result of automating tasks that ran as cron jobs and Windows services Restructured the architecture of the existing project to provide a firm stability at the data layer. Collaborated on the Process Logistics and Notification System(PLANS) tool in VB6 and Oracle 7.3. 4 and 8.1. 7. Re-engineered certain components of the application under the new architecture that did not function productively under the existing one.


Senstar-Stellar Corporation
Team Lead-VB.NET C#ASP.NET SQL Server Developer Ottawa, ON Created a 3 tier application with VB6 and MS Access 7.0. Designed and developed the Access Database which consisted of 20 tables. Used the Symantec ACT! Software development kit to tie the contact management database to VB. Synchronized the ACT! And Access databases depending on the changes in the VB application. Implemented the Data Environment Designer in the Application. Used Visual SourceSafe for SCC management. Documented code and the application as the project progressed. Leveraged Microsoft Excel as a reporting tool-implemented macros for internal functionality with VBA. VB.NET Sybase SQL Developer Ottawa, ON

NCR Canada
Designed User Interface forms using Visual Basic 4.0 for a high level commercial application. Prepared Stored Procedures for retrieval of data using Sybase SQL. Involved extensively in testing and debugging of code. Responsible of creating internal and external builds to be distributed to a variety of locations on a weekly basis. Responsible for finalizing all code that is submitted for each internal or external build. Responsible for creating reports from data generated from both real time and dated databases. Created new application components/modules that enhance the performance of the product. Responsible for converting a two tier client-server applications to a three-tier environment by introducing the concept of business objects that behave as a filter that processes the extensive set of data returned and returns only what is required. Responsible for cloning microcomputers with the latest version of external builds.

Vb.Net Developer

Fulcrum Technologies Inc
VB.NET Developer Ottawa, ON. Responsible in UI development for Search Express and Search Server 2.0. Responsible for testing and debugging of extensive code. Created new modules and extended functionality on existing components. Worked primarily on the development of Search Express text retrieval querying tool. Responsible for testing developed Fulcrum applications and those under development under the Microsoft Windows 95 operating system(beta version). Responsible for transporting code from Visual Basic version 3.0 to version 4.0 for both developed and developing applications, both under Windows 3.11 for workgroups and Windows 95(beta) operating systems. Responsible for testing applications under the windows NT 3.5 operating systems. Reported progress on a bi-weekly basis and submitted an interim report during weekly meetings.




MCP and MCAD Certifications

Microsoft Corporation
Jan 2003Jan 2003
Microsoft Certified Professional and Microsoft Certified Application Developer

.NET Application Development Diploma

Willis Business College

Oracle and Visual Basic Application Development



Visual Studio, C#, ASP.NET, Oracle SQL, Javascript
14 years experience with the .NET, web and database technologies. 20 years of programming and design.
MongoDB, Express, Angular JS, Node.JS, KnockoutJS
6 years of MEAN Stack development.