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A lifelong resident of Richmond, British Columbia, Kerry Starchuk dedicates her life to helping her community. She has completed many volunteer hours in the area and always makes herself available to assist those in need. First and foremost, Kerry Starchuk believes in positive thinking and living, and she joyfully shares that outlook with everyone around her. The local community of Richmond means a great deal to Kerry Starchuk, and she has contributed for many years to her hometown. Her great-grandfather settled in Richmond in the late 1890s, making her part of the fourth generation of her family to live in the city. Her grandmother was born in Richmond in 1901 and volunteered in town until she was 80, so it comes as no surprise that Kerry Starchuk is also active in the community. Her son is continuing the family tradition of service by coaching children's teams; he won the Coach of the Year award. As a proud grandmother of sixth-generation Richmond residents, Ms. Starchuk has managed and directed tournaments for the local youth hockey organization, Seafair Minor Hockey Association. She has raised a large family of boys, most of whom are active in hockey today. Ms. Starchuk enjoys working with children and has assisted with the Girl Guides of Canada program. She has also served as a volunteer for many years with a beautification project, judging and admiring people's gardens. When her children were young, she volunteered at their school, contributing to bottle drives, fundraisers, and field trips, and putting together various functions. She also volunteered at the Richmond Family Place thrift store during these years. In addition, Kerry Starchuk’s volunteer efforts extend to promoting healthy eating and local food production. She has contributed to the Terra Nova Schoolyard Project, a hands-on program that teaches children about nutrition and growing food. An avid gardener herself, Ms. Starchuk enjoys helping friends and acquaintances with their planting efforts. She also supports local farms. Furthermore, Kerry Starchuk has studied sustainable practices extensively through courses offered at Richmond City Hall and enjoys sharing what she learns with family and friends. She leads community tours, participates in local canvassing efforts, and presents on environmental preservation topics intended to educate growing generations. 

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