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Work experience

JERRY’S NUGGET – Las Vegas, Nevada, 2009 to Present

Challenges:Implementing and complying with required regulatory and company internal controls, incorporating the lean office processes and staff training

  • Serving as key team leader in the training the team in all aspects of their responsibilities and in lean office processes.Cross training of the team has increased to 40% in all internal control process audits.Process instructions are the basis of current value stream map.
  • Team champion of the incorporation of lean office processes that has resulted in the reduction of audit time by 6% with an annual savings of $11,600.

Revenue Audit Manager

Responsible for the implementing and complying with all regulatory and company internal controls.Oversee all compliance audits and implementation of lean office principles

YOUNG ELECTRIC SIGN COMPANY – Las Vegas Division, Las Vegas, Nevada 1999 – 2008

Challenges:Increase cash flows, revenues and profits, reduce overhead costs and improve inventory control

  • Spearheaded implementation of lean initiatives to improve cash conversion cycle that reduced by 20% the number of days between when a job was complete and when the customer was invoiced.This lean initiative has increased customer satisfaction and is a part of the company’s marketing strategy.
  • Served erved as key leader in cross training of the service administration team and writing instructions and procedures that improved processing of data and reduced data errors.
  • Served as key team member that steered the team in finding executable strategies that increased revenues and reduced costs which led to increased branch profits of 3%.
  • Served as team leader in the design, development and implementation of inventory management system that reduced stock shortages by 50% reduced inventory by $3,600,000 and decreased the time to process issued inventory by 10%.

Assistant Controller - Division

Oversee general accounting functions, including AR/AP, payroll and account reconciliations. Administer financial management systems, evaluating and integrating new applications.Develop skilled accounting team to achieve established objectives. Prepare analysis of financial statements and budgets.

Controller - Branch

Prepared financial reports, developed budgets, and performed variance analysis in accordance with business plan. Supervised and developed a skilled accounting team.Built and led teams in carrying out special projects.

THE JEWELERS INC. – Las Vegas, Nevada 1998 - 1999

Challenges:Increased stores profitability and created an incentive plan

  • Served as team leader in redesigning financial statement data to improve store manager accountability, to increase profits and to create a performance incentive plan focused on profitability.
  • Lead in the implementation of a new point of sales system that provided better tracking of inventory.

Accounting Manager

Directed general accounting functions, including AR/AP, payroll and inventory.Managed the financial management systems, evaluating and integrating new applications.Prepared the financial statements, analysis of financial statements and budgets.Worked in collaboration with owner to ensure cost reductions and profit gains in accordance with company’s overall business objectives.

LADY LUCK GAMING CORPORATION – Las Vegas, Nevada, 1995 – 1998

Challenges:Compliance with company procedures and updating accounting records

  • Served as team leader to ensure that company procedures were being followed which significantly reduced non-compliance issues with gaming regulations.
  • Consistently met deadlines while demonstrating strong analytical and problem-solving skills to achieve corporate objectives and update accounting records.
  • Review of past tax returns generating a tax refund of $25,000.
  • Assisted the Controller in preparing and filing financial statements with the SEC.

Corporate Accounting Manager

Administered the preparation of four company financial statements and the preparation of the consolidated financial statements.Wrote all company polices and procedures, responsible for there implementation and training of company personnel.Prepared all work papers for preparation of income tax returns, sales and use tax returns and payroll tax returns.Assisted the Controller in the preparation of SEC financial filings.

GES Exposition Services, Las Vegas, Nevada 1990 – 1995

  • Spearheaded the development and implementation of procedures that ensure the timely filing of tax returns and payments of taxes that reduced interest and penalties in the amount of $237,000.
  • Manager of Taxation

Responsible for the preparation of income tax returns (federal and state), sales and use tax returns and unclaimed property tax returns.Managed all federal and state sales tax audits, preparing work papers and interacting with auditors.


Bachelor of Science




My History

Kerry's Accounting Expertise Blog


With my business expertise and skill set I find innovative solutions to challenges that are inhibiting a company’s ability to increase profits, increase cash flows and increase revenues. I have a passion for staying focused on solutions that bring success to a company.  Success is based on team efforts and I get excited when the team successfully achieves their goals. 

Innovative Solutions

Project Management

Developed, established and implemented procedures for the first inventory management system used in the company.Initiated the used of MRP software application and trained staff on the use of the software.Reduced inventory by $3,600,000 and stock shortages by 50%.Prepared oral presentations for management, created and delivered training materials for management and staff on the new inventory management system.

Organizational and Leadership

Launched a new company branch, designed a new financial statement format that allowed for greater financial accountability of department managers, created budgets, organized and cross trained the accounting office staff and edited and created new procedures for the new branch.Trained the management team on focusing on net profits and cash flow and formulated an innovative strategy that tied the managers’ incentive plans to profits and cash flow.

Cost Reduction and Efficiency Improvements

Restructured, redesigned and cross trained the administrative staff which improved the performance of the staff and led to current cost containment, future cost reductions and greater staff efficiencies. Followed through with writing the instructions related to each process used by the service administrative staff.