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Circuit Simulation Software
Reading Wiring Schematics
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Mechanical Repair
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Electrical Troubleshooting
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Work experience

Mar 2005Present

Electromechanical Technician


Started out in the Fork Shop as a Mechanic. Job responsibility is to repair and maintain the powered

industrial trucks for the company. Understanding the propane powered Nissan sit down trucks on how

they operate and function. Raymond electric high lift trucks and how the electrical and hydraulics work.

Knowing how to read the wiring schematics for these vehicles to properly diagnose and repair problems.

This job function was my responsibility for one year.

A new mechanized systems was added and I advanced to the EM (electro-mechanical) Department as

an automated robotic system technician. Job responsibility is to repair and maintain the machine, come

up with ways to make the machine run more efficiently, and diagnose system issues. Mainly dealt with

on-site calls to various parts of the system for troubleshooting issues. Being able to troubleshoot

electrical systems was extremely important. Knowing the function and proper alignment of photo eye

sensors. Knowing the function and operation of 3-phase 480 volt motors and how to properly test and

repair them. Welding and soldering were among a few more of my skills at this job.



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