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Work experience

Nov 2008Jan 2009



I recieved this job shorlty after moving here to Helena! It was just seasonal and I was willing to work more than that but they had to let me go because of economy!

Jul 2008Aug 2008

cleaning and restoration tech.

Varney clean care

      I did cleaning and restoration in companies and houses, either general cleaning or restoration after fire, water, or sewer damage! i enjoyed the learning experience at this job but due to being pregnant and all the harsh chemicals involved i had to quit!

Feb 2008May 2008


Big Horn Enterprises

I really loved this job and would do it again in a heart beat! I assisted the clients( mentally and phyiscally disabled) in daily activities, took them places like appointments, the gym, sports practices, etc.. and assisted in their paper shredding busness in witch they made money doing! I also was in charge of putting the monthly news letter together with pictures and recall of events and upcomming events I really enjoyed doing this a lot! Sadly we lost Three of our clients shortly after I was hired and since I was the last one hired I was the first to be laid off! I've been contacted several times for rehire but since I've moved it would be odviously difficult for travel! After that I Attempted to start my own daycare but i was having trouble getting started!

Feb 2007Feb 2008


Banner Health (Washakie Medical center)

I worked 12 hour night shift at this hospital and the only reason I quit was because I was getting a better hours offer at Big Horn Enterprises and ever though i was for less money i had to take it, the 12 hours at night and 3 to 4 times a week were getting to me cause i have a 5 year old to tend to! I was getting off work at 7-7:30am and getting her ready and most of the time i was staying to volenteer so that I could get in my Volenteer hours to take collage classes for early childhood education! and i was missing out on too much sleeping and being grouchy the rest of the time from lack of sleep!


Aug 2006Aug 2006

certification in Nursing

Northwest Collage

I did CNA  classes while working in the nursing home in Cody Wyoming, then I moved to Worland and started working at the nursing home and was soon offered a position in the hospital with more condusive salery. I am currently enrolling in Westwood online college for graphic design and mulitmedia!


costomer service
I have worked in stores as a cashier, answering phones, taking messages, assisting customers in finding things, using good communication skills ect..... I am an excellent people person, and I feel comfortable working with people and I'm not afraid to ask questions so that I may do the job right and and futher my learning and skills!
CNA (nursing)
I am CPR certified and I have worked in a hospital and nursing homes as I've mentioned! my skills include: 1checking vital signs 2 CPR 3 assisting in dressing and other daily functions 4 changing attends 5 feeding 6 assisting in bandage changes 7 emptying cath's and and hemo vac's 8 and all other things that i was trained to do in this field  
I worked in a daycare for a very short amount of time between jobs! I have been taking care of children all my life weither it was my brother, my moms friends kids, and jobs I earned by referral. I am very pacient, fun, and I'm very much into learning more about  the health and developement of children!
My typing speed is not high but I am accurate. I learn job related computer programs easily and I like to learn.  Some of the programs I have worked are: publisher, picasa 3, word, and my favorite program Idid in high school, Adobe! I also learned a charting program when I worked at the hospital, it didn't take me long to learn how to input data and information in a timely and accurate manner.  


I am a driven hard working woman that loves to learn and wants to move ahead and progress in life! I really enjoy people and I have a great personality! I am sincere and more than willing to accept criticism so that I may improve because, there is always room for improvement no matter what the project! I also have exellent organizational and communication skills, committed to providing the very best of myself to get the job done and done well. My objective is to get a good education either in collage or on the job and have a job that I can grow in and enjoy!  I also would hope that, THAT job has decent hours that accomadates my single mother life style with my children because, they are most important to me next to God! My main objective is SUCCESS!


My Intrest.....I have a lot of intrests! I really enjoy working with people and learning more computer skills, plus utalizing what computer skills I do have! I really did enjoy putting together the newsletter at BHE! my biggest intrest is phorography, I would love to relearn the  Adobe program and anyother skill that involve twerking and playing with pictures!


Jeanie Farris

Deanna Wyatt