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Kenya C. Jones, MSW, PhD

Educator, Mentor, & Researcher

  • CAU School Address: 223 James P. Brawley Dr. Thayer Hall Rm 122 Atlanta, GA 30314
  • 804-301-2361




Morgan State University

Dissertation Title: The Relationship Between Ideal Mentoring and Selected Characteristics of African American  Social Work Doctoral Students.  

Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy of teaching is grounded in the belief that my role as an educator is to facilitate students in acquiring the knowledge and skills that will assist them in becoming competent clinical social workers.  It has been imperative to orient the concept of interconnectedness which pushes the edge of dynamic thinking.  My approaches attempt to expand the parameters of what is possible, what should be acknowledged and managed inside of the assessment process with great integrity from the perspective of a social worker.  My overall teaching goal is to ensure that my role influences student development beyond the classroom. 

Recognizing that teaching and learning is a dual dynamic process that engages each member of the classroom working together; I strive to create an environment where students are encouraged, feel empowered to express themselves, and are engaged in the process of learning. I yearn to expand students’ interest beyond course requirements and the goal of attaining a grade. I want students to learn because they are vested in their education; feel valued and trust that their thoughts and experiences are relevant to the course content.

My objectives as an instructor are:

(1) create a safe learning environment that will foster constructive scholarship;

(2) combine theory and application to trigger student interest for knowledge; and

(3) enhance critical thinking beyond the classroom.


Teaching Experience

Clark Atlanta University

Atlanta, United States                                                                                                 Aug 2013 - Present

Tenure Track - Assistant Professor

  • CSSW 500 A: Autonomous Social Work Practice I. 3 credits

This course is framed in a generalist perspective, the course examines social work practice as both a method and process for intervention with micro systems (individuals, families) and beginning with small groups (mezzo systems). 

  • CSSW 500 B: Autonomous Social Work Practice II. 3 credits

The course builds upon CSSW 500 A with a focus on generalist social work practice with groups, while this second practice course expands that content and places emphasis on organizations and communities. Primary attention is given to assessment and intervention with groups, organizations and communities (mezzo and macro systems).

  • CSSW 501 A: Concurrent Field Practicum I. 3 credits

Practicum I provides students with a supervised field experience in an agency setting using generalist social work skills appropriate at the graduate level.  The practicum focuses on skill development, the nature of social systems, and the integration of social work theory and practice. 

  • CSSW 501B: Concurrent Field Practicum II. 3 credits

Concurrent Field Practicum II is a continuation of CSSW 501 – Concurrent Practicum I. The practicum experience focuses on skill development, application of ethics to practice and the integration and application of social work theory and practice.

  • CSSW 503: Advanced Direct Social Work Practice. 3 credits

Building upon 500-level Autonomous Social Work Practice courses, it extends the matrix roles and subsequent skills learned in autonomous practice to more complex individualized practice with client systems considering the multiple variables that affect their lives.  Attention is given to the bio-psychosocial integrity of the client and to ethical issues. 

  • CSSW 504B: Advanced Direct Social Work Practice: Focus on Health/Mental Health. 3 credits

This advanced direct practice focus course provides depth, specificity and knowledge about advanced skills in assessment and intervention. Attention is given to client systems that experience or are at-risk of experiencing problems in social functioning due to their health and mental health. 

  • CSSW 506: Program Organization and Development for Social Work Direct Practice. 3 credits

This course builds on the ecological systems perspective that views program organization and development as an arena for social change. Although rationale planning is emphasized, the course illuminates how values, needs and resources influence program design and decision-making.  As a major practice strategy used in community development, this course offers a contingency framework that teaches students about the choices, decisions and situations for planning new or adapting programs within the context of diverse communities.  

  • CSSW 590: Research Methods III. 4 credits 

This course provides instruction, feedback, and support to develop and complete the student’s thesis or conceptual paper. The course will also provide instruction in the computation, interpretation, and application of analytical procedures that can be used in social work research and evaluation.  The ultimate goal of the course is to provide students with the teaching and learning experience that will allow them to apply research techniques and statistical procedures that will enable them to successfully conduct research, report findings, and to supervise the completion of their theses/conceptual papers.

  • CSSW 603: African-American Families. 3 credits

This advanced course examines historical and contemporary forces impinging upon African-American families and the resultant survival strategies of these families. The Afrocentric perspective is used in discussing African-American families. 

Morgan State University: School of Social Work

Baltimore, United States                                                                                      Aug 2009 - May 2013

Adjunct Faculty 

  • 2013 - Urban Black Families and Clinical Practice
  • 2009 - 2011 - Generalist Social Work Practice
  • 2011 - 2012 - Neighborhood Advocacy & Development in Urban Communities
  • 2010 - 2011 - Social Welfare & Urban Economics (Policy I)

Issues in Social Work Pedagogy & Education Course

  • 2010

    Teaching Assistant

    • 2009 - Urban Black Families and Clinical Practice
    • 2009 - Social Welfare & Urban Economics ( Policy I & II)
    • 2010 - Chemical Dependency Clinical Assessment & Treatment

      Howard University: Preparing Future Faculty Institute

      Washington, United States                                                                                           June 2011


        Estreet, A.E.; Jones, K.C., Freeman, J.T. (2017). HBCUs Respond: Social Justice and      Social Work Education in a Trump Era. Reflections: Narratives of Professional Helping. V 23, #2, 35-46. 

        Jin, S.W., Warrener, C., Alhassan, M., Jones, K.C. (2016) An Empirical Assessment of            Writing and Research Proficiency in HBCU Social Work Students.  Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment, 27:5, 463-473.

        Under Review

        Warrener, C.; Jones, K. C. Race and Sense of Entitlement in Dating Abuse Perpetration. Journal of Ethnic and Cultural Diversity in Social Work

        Wright, D. Jones, K.C. White, G. Utilization of the Afrocentric Perspective - The CAU Way.  Urban Social Work Journal

        Book Chapters

        Jones, K.C.; Nyasuma-Sims, N. (2018).  Student Perspectives of Mentor Relationships: The Extent to Which Social Work Doctoral Students Are Impacted by Mentor Ideals and TypesMentoring at Minority Serving Institutions. Information Age                           Publishing.

        Wilbon, R.W.; Jones, K.C.; Rich, T. (2015). Mental Emotional Wellness Among African          Americans in Urban Environments: What do We Know? How Can We Improve OutcomesSocial Work Practice with African Americans in Urban                                    Environments. Springer Publishing.

        Conferences and Symposia

        Jones, K.C., Smalls, T., McNeill, A.(2019, April*). Mentor Types and Roles Identified by MSW Students, poster presentation at the 51st annual meeting of the National Association of Black Social Workers Conference, April 23-27, Atlanta, GA.

        Jones, K.C.(2019, March*). Mentoring Is Important at All Levels:  Analysis of a Mentoring Continuum Scale in a Sample of African American Social Work Students, oral presentation at the Inaugural Millennial Social Workers Conference, MSW Conference. March 7-8. Austell, GA.

        Jones, K.C., Estreet, A. Freeman, J.(2018, November*). HBCUs Respond: Social Justice and Social Work Education in a Trump Era. Reflections. Oral presentation in Hot Topics Session at 64th Council of Social Work Education Annual Program Meeting. Orlando, FL. Nov. 8-11.



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        Jones, K.C. (2018, April) How Mentoring Relationships Can Turn into Research Opportunities, oral presentation at Writer's Block Series - Social Science Discipline, Clark Atlanta University, Atlanta GA. April 4th.  

        Warrener, C.; Jones, K.C.(2016, Nov). Technology Infused into Teaching - Tips for Incorporation in Social Work Classes, oral presentation at 62nd Council on Social Work Education, Annual Conference, Atlanta GA. Nov.3-6

        Jones, K.C. (2016, March). Modeling by Mentors: Most Ideal Mentor Attributes & Selected Characteristics of African American Social Work Doctoral Students & Recent Graduates , poster at 48th National Association of Black Social Workers, NABSW, New Orleans, LA. March 22-26.

        Warrener, C.; Jones, K.C.(2016, January). Dating Abuse Perpetration and the Interactio of Race and Sense of Entitlement, poster at 20th Society on Social Work Research -Washington, DC. Jan. 13-17.

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        Jones, K.C. (2015, Oct.)What Makes Mentoring Relationships So Important: The Result of a Study on African American Social Work Doctoral Students and Recent Graduates, oral presentation at the 5th Black Doctoral Network, BDN, Atlanta, GA. Oct. 25-28.

        Jones, K.C. (2015, June). What to Look for In a Mentor? Key Identifiers in an Ideal Mentor Relationship. Oral presentation at  Robert Wood Johnson Foundation - New Connection, RWJF 8th Annual Symposium, Princeton, NJ. June 3-6.

        Jones, K.C. (2015, Sept).  Uncovering the Mask: How to create Mentor Relationship within the School. Oral presentation at the School Social Workers Association of Georgia, SSWAG Conference. Atlanta, GA. Sept. 30.

        Jones, K.C. (2015, Oct). Mentoring Attributes & Selected Characteristics of African American Social Work Doctoral Students. Oral presentation at the 60th Council on Social Work Education, CSWE - Annual Program Meeting, APM, Tampa, FL.  Oct. 23-26.

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        Jones, K.C. (2015, Oct.) Improving Research and Writing Skills Among Social Work Students poster at the 60th CSWE - APM, Tampa, FL. Oct. 23-26.

        Jones, K.C. (2014, Apr). The Relationship Between Ideal Mentoring Characteristics and Selected Characteristics Among African American Social Work Doctoral Students, poster at the 46th NABSW - Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN. Apr 14-17.

        Jones, K.C. (2014, Apr). Importance of Mentoring Relationships Among African American Social Work Doctoral Students, oral presentation at 46th NABSW - Annual Conference, Indianapolis, IN. Apr 14-17

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        Jones, K.C. (2013, Apr). Opportunities for Successful Mentoring, oral presentation at        45th National Association of Black Social Workers” - NABSW Conference, Jacksonville, FL. Apr.




        • Academic Council


        • Afrocentric Perspective Revision Committee
        • Association of Black Social Workers - Faculty Adviser
        • Curriculum Committee

        MSW Program

        • Curriculum Committee
        • Practice Sequence


        • Baccalaureate Program Director Annual Program
          • 2018 Abstract Reviewer
        • Council Social Work Education, CSWE 
          • 2016, APM Abstract Reviewer
          • 2015, APM Abstract Reviewer 
        • Black Doctoral Network 
          • 2017, Poster Presentation Judge
          • 2016, Conference Workshop Moderator
        • Community Services Program
          • Fulton County Grant Reviewer
        • Urban Social Work Journal 
          • Manual Reviewer 

        Work Experience

        Aug 2013Present

        Assistant Professor

        Clark Atlanta University
        • Teach MSW practice concentration courses 
        • Served on curriculum committee for CSWE EPAS reaccreditation process 
        • Review incoming MSW applications

        Aug 2009Jul 2013

        PhD Department - Chair, Graduate Assistant

        Morgan State University : School of Social Work
        • Assist in preparation for departmental meetings, created agendas, presentations, lead student discussions, create student progress reports, and prepare semi-annual CSWE report for submission.  Assisted in preparation and implementation of research project at partnering community agency, WIN Family Services.
        • Assist in preparing documents for successful IRB submission. As part of a group that conducted a qualitative research study to evaluate agency services. Assist department chairperson and school in the creation and implementation of the new expanded website which reflects the transition from a department to the school of Social Work.
        • Assist in the annual coordination of new student orientations within the MSW and PhD departments. Created extensive literature review and analysis for chairperson book submission.
        May 2011Aug 2012

        Campus Safety First Project Coordinator

        Howard University
        • Designed and disseminated student evaluation surveys; while also conducting program evaluation; collect, input, analyze and interpret data via Survey Monkey, Excel, and SPSS.
        • Managed the day-to-day operations of the project, consisting of co-writing IRB and grant applications, develop the project's newsletter; train and educate students, staff, campus police, and members of the judicial board in responding to domestic violence, dating violence, stalking, and sexual assault; implemented a coordinated community response though managing, and engaging.
        • Met regularly with the Campus (Campus Police, Office of Special Student Services, Office of Student Activities, Residence Life, Athletics, Chapel, Office of the President, and Office of the Provost) , Community (D.C. Rape Crisis Center, Men Can Stop Rape, House of Ruth, Metropolitan Police, U.S. Department of Justice, Legal Aid, and Sigh lent Storm), and Student Advisory Boards on a regular basis in order to develop and maintain policies and protocols related to domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, and stalking.
        Apr 2009Sep 2009

        Research Assistant

        • Created PowerPoint slides and presentations from cross-tabulation statistical procedures that were created to illustrate variance in clients from entry, 30 days, and 90 days to review effective evaluation measures.
        • Created training manual for on-site staff at reservation and constructed a guide for Westat  staff in the Substance Abuse Rehabilitation Group specifically regarding the SAMSHA program in Native American Communities.
        • Retrieved data collected from Indian reservations as part of a Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMAHSA) funded initiative.
        Aug 2008May 2009

        Project Development Coordinator

        Morgan State University: Department of Continuing & Professional Studies
        • Participated in research studies that facilitated the development of new projects, grant proposals, and budgets. Engaged in project evaluations using both quantitative and qualitative measures.
        • Responsible for collecting and compiling data from online and traditional sources while performing detailed data analysis under the guidance of the Director; assisted the Center for Continuing and Professional Studies (CCPS) staff in their research and preparation of presentations.  Assisted in writing new and continuing grant application submissions.

        Test Center Administrator

        • Maintained working knowledge of Thomson Prometric policies/procedures, manage test center staff, resolved candidate issues, maintained confidentiality for clients, protected security of all software, monitored environmental conditions, operated computer equipment, and managed candidate misconduct.
        Aug 2006Sep 2008

        Social Worker

        Edgewood/Brookland Family Support Collaborative
        • Provided consultation and research services to non-profit and community based organizations within the Ward 5 area of Washington D.C.; as well as conducted literature searches and needs assessments while providing training and technical assistance for non-profit organizations in the areas of program development, program evaluation, and culturally-specific interventions.
        • Provided case management to families within the servicing area, by offering support through the location of resources and therapeutic counseling.


        • Assisted in the development of "Browne Bomber Club" at Browne Junior High School, as an initiative to increase students' academic ranking by offering discounts and rewards from community in exchange for their academic performance and attendance.
        • Collaborated with clients such as groups involved in education and advocacy for at-risk youth, and customized training and consulting services to help clients manage change, improve operations, and become more efficient.
        Jan 2006May 2007

        Research Assistant

        Howard University
        • Assisted Dr. Charles Lewis, Jr., Associate Professor, in the planning, data collection, and data entry of a research project," Risk and Protective Factors among Adolescents in Montgomery County Public Housing."
        • Assisted in coordinating weekly intervention group sessions with youth. Administered and collected data sets completed by youth prior to and after sessions; developed facilitation for in class assignments, discussions, and monitored stipend allotments for participants of sessions.
          • Entered data-sets entered into SPSS.
            Sep 2006May 2007

            Program Coordinator Assistant

            Citizen Review Panel
            • Administered the intake of constituent cases involving federal agencies; conducted initial telephone interviews with new members, and assisted in the planning and implementation of membership events.
            • Assessed casework problems requiring action; and recommended appropriate recommendations to the Coordinator and Board president, conducted local and national child abuse and neglect issues.
            • Monitored and updated the Coordinator and Panel President on community issues, and served as a liaison with each of the entities involved in monthly panel discussions and board meetings.
            • Prepared weekly reports for the Coordinator, and Board President; assisted in the planning and implementation of the annual collective event; authored congratulatory and greeting letters, coordinated mass mailings, and provided guided tours of Howard University for board members, special guests, and visitors.

            Lloyd D. Smith Fellow: Marshall Heights Community Development Organization

            Deanwood History Committee
            • Assisted historian and anthropologist in collecting data for book on history of Deanwood, D.C.: Images of America, Washington D.C.: Deanwood. Researched neighborhoods, residents, located Archival data such as pictures, and past interviews from Library of Congress, Martin Luther King Library, Washington, D.C., funeral homes, and churches verifying information, dates, and located people for interviews.
            • Co-organized the Stream Valley Festival, at Marvin Gaye Park, Washington D.C. where vendors, sponsors, and residents were able to interact as well as historians, and committee were able to meet and conduct interviews with seniors from community.

            Research Assistant

            Healthy Families Thriving Communities
            • Collaborated with seven organizations in the Washington, DC area in case record analysis and data entry; assisted with development of SPSS database to assess evaluative measures. Organized files, and entered responses from case records into SPSS file created to synthesize information.
            • Prepared data for statistical procedures.

            British Politics Apprenticeship

            Green Party
            • Attended intense weekly skill training sessions in the areas of workshop and meeting facilitation, time/task management, public speaking, conflict resolution, media and public relations, cultural awareness, office dynamics, community asset mapping and, critical reflection.
            • Participated in leadership apprenticeship program designed to increase community organizational skills, teamwork, and cross cultural understanding while co-planning and implementing a team service projects.