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Work History

July 2016Present

Lead Student Ambassador 

Cuyamaca College

 As a lead student success technician, I worked closely with the counseling department at Cuyamaca college and I also did a lot of outreach within the community. My usual tasks included a variety of things like giving campus tours, advising other students on what steps to take when coming into the college, helping with the application process for the school, giving presentations on the school, going to college fairs, putting up flyers about registration in the community, working the front desk of the outreach office, helping with on campus events, and making sure these tasks are executed as efficiently as possible.   

May 20152017

Lifeguard/Assistant Supervisor


I have been working at my summer job at Aquatica for 3 seasons and within those season I was able to work my way up to Assistant Supervisor of Aquatics. As a lifeguard this title gave me the opportunity to be CPR and First Aid certified and to keep a safe area for guests that come into the park. As an assistant supervisor I got the opportunity to send lifeguards to their designated spot and making sure they keep hydrated, rotated, and going on their lunch and breaks through out the day. I was also in charge of scheduling the employees for their designated shifts, making sure the rides were operational during opening and closing inspections, being the second responder with any type of emergency through out the park, filing all of our necessary data, making sure my life guards were on tasks and following the rules during opening and closing and if not I would have to follow up with them and my supervisor with whatever discipline was protocol, and helping the supervisor with any tasks on hand. On a daily I was in charge of 20 lifeguards.

Nov 2015May 2016



As a cashier at Nike my task included providing a great shopping experience for the customer, keeping up to date with sales or items for customer questions, understanding how to use the stores point of sale system work, and keeping up with the maintenance of the cashiers area.


Aug 2017Jun 2019

Bachelors in Business Administration 

San Diego State University

Emphasis in Management Information Systems 

Aug 2015June 2017

Associates Degree in Business & Economics 

Cuyamaca College

Overall GPA: 3.679

Sep 2011Jun 2015

High School Diploma

Valhalla High School

Overall GPA: 3.406

Intership/Community Service

Youth and Leaders Living Actively (YALLA)

 YALLA is originally a non-profit organization that brings together kids/teens who were in refugee camps or migrants to the US to come play soccer but YALLA also has an academic side to help minority or low income students come in twice a week for SAT prep classes, tips for applying to college, or for general college success.  I was once in this program for the extra support in my academics but now I also mentor kids and tell them my personal experience with going through school and give them any additional advice they may need.  

Qualcomm Internship

During the summer out of the 300 applicants 80 were chosen to do a paid internship with one of the lead engineering corporations Qualcomm. During that time I learned the basics of programming , with these basics we made miniature floats. Also as an intern one our main responsibilities was to organize code for the engineers and put them on a site   I also learned leadership skills, and corporation skills because of my constant collaboration with others.  This internship prepared me for the real life work force which I believe is a certain advantage when finding a job.    

Elementary School Teachers Assistant 

Since my school didn't start until September while most schools started in August I would donate my time in becoming a teachers assistant and I would do jobs from: making copies, grading work, helping the kids with class work, or my favorite was being in charge of reading groups because I loved reading the books with the kids and asking them questions about the book and exchanging opinions with the kids.