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What My Colleagues Say about me. . .

I have received over 2 dozen endorsements from my colleagues on

"Ken is insightful, thoughtful, and focused on the best solutions for meeting customer and company needs. His varied background gives him unique perspectives and a knack for creativity. He's resourceful and prepares well when taking solid, calculated risks. Ken is genuine."

"...came in every day with a “can do” attitude. He always put the best interest of the company first."

"...was prepared, open minded, and not afraid to tackle any issue."

"...embodies what we all believe customer service should be."

"...was who we'd call when something really needed expert attention to detail."

"You should take the time to learn more about Ken and what he can do for you in your business."

" a creative individual with dedication and focus."

"...was extremely attentive to service levels…and helped us inspire increasing sales."

"...organizes and problem solves at a high level and is a positive leader."

" eager to do the right thing for both the customer and the company, and is quick to respond to all needs."

"...would make an excellent addition to any business that is focused on result driven success."

"...provided consistently strong leadership even in times of adverse conditions. The bottom line: He'll get the job done with finesse."

" the "can do" guy. He is always willing to go the extra mile for you."

"...was always supportive, easy to work with and very effective at his position."

"...was attentive and sincere in his efforts to creatively resolve customer issues and needs that arose between me and my clients."

"...will be an asset to any organization that values professionalism and high standards for customer service, while maintaining the success of the business."

"...always showed the ability resolve customer issues and needs while keeping an eye on business success."

"...was always available to answer questions or help provide solutions to issues that arose."

" a dedicated, hard worker who achieved excellence in both customer service resolution and managing service teams."

"...would be an asset to a company seeking a professional that gets things right the first time."

" honest, efficient and dependable."

" a detail-oriented professional, dedicated to getting things done right the first time."

"Hard working and diligence were trademarks of Ken's everyday effort." References and complete written endorsements furnished upon request


As an experienced Operations Manager, I have led production / customer service teams within varied and growing organizations to exceed service level expectations  and provide for high degrees of internal and external customer satisfaction and employee and business success. I am a multi-talented, detail-oriented, hands-on manager with extensive operational, leadership, and organizational skills and experience. My proven analytical, collaborative, planning and problem solving skills are leveraged to achieve exceptional results in cross-departmental management functions and services fulfillment.

      I can provide the operations leadership your organization, employees and, most importantly, your customers require to achieve success.

Work experience


Sports Hall / League Monitor

National Sports Center

I am currently working part-time at the National Sports Center while I pursue my next career opportunity.  As monitor I am the face of the organization to the dozens of soccer and lacrosse clubs that rent the sports hall and the numerous teams and leagues that play there.  I assist hundreds of parents, coaches, players and referees with logistical and other issues related to the rental and use of the sports hall and the running of the leagues, and I ensure that sports hall rules are known and enforced.



Bachman's Floral & Garden

I am currently working at Bachman's while I pursue my next career opportunity. I am the Supervisor of the Bachman's "Pop-Up Garden" located at the Byerly's grocery in Eagan. I worked seasonally for Bachman's in 2008 as a cashier and am working again seasonally this year as a Supervisor.


Self Employed - Home Improvement Services
I am currently doing home improvement work part-time while I pursue my next career opportunity.  I left PLATO Learning in 2007 when my wife accepted a new position out of state requiring relocation, however the relocation failed when my wife's new company dissolved.  I have billed 1,500 hours of home improvement work for numerous clients in the Twin Cities including demolition, framing, drywall, finish work, plumbing, minor electrical, painting, masonry and landscaping. 

Manager of Order Fulfillment

Responsible for managing and leading a team of employees performing the fulfillment of PC/Server and ASP/SaaS delivered educational software products including curriculum, media, assessments, collateral, services and 3rd party products. My team also provided daily support to internal and external clients related to the availability/accessibility of PLATO products and the management of hundreds of client accounts relative to complex subscriptions and licensure across numerous, disparate hosting platforms. I managed a visible, high performing, responsive and respected team providing tangible and non-tangible services fulfillment across all organizational levels.  I successfully integrated a new position into the company & department allowing the Director of Business Operations to focus in higher priorities. Accomplishments: ü Managed fulfillment activities in excess of $100M annually achieving all quarterly revenue recognition goals. ü Consistently met or exceeded 99% error free fulfillment and Service Level Agreement targets. ü Team Lead for the Business Operations group on three new major product/platform release teams. ü Served as Business Operations Team Lead in the design and implementation of a new product management platform       designed to replace all existing platforms, assuring the seamless delivery of $6.9M in orders for the first 6 months. ü Assisted in the strategic planning of moving a warehouse and fulfillment center after PLATO acquired Lightspan, a company       half its size with annual revenues of $45M (received the PLATO Team Eagle Award in 2005). ü Implemented the PeopleSoft v8.4 module and subsequent version upgrades (including facilitation of user acceptance testing)       to replace existing, obsolete inventory control and order management methods and systems. ü Established order fulfillment policies and procedures relative to FSCM and proprietary systems and SOX requirements. ü Assisted in the planning and implementation of a cycle count program that eliminated the year end physical inventory. ü Designed and implemented effective employee incentive programs (the first manager in my group to do so). ü Designed and implemented contingency plans for fulfillment in the event of systems failure during high volume periods. ü Integrated delivery of numerous products inherited via acquisitions achieving maximum revenue recognition for PLATO.

Warehouse Manager

Magnetic Poetry
Responsible for managing and leading a team of employees performing receiving, shipping, inventory management and fulfillment processes.  I managed facility, equipment and all aspects of warehouse and order fulfillment functions for domestic and international receiving and shipping operations.  Negotiated carrier, solid waste and recycling contracts. Accomplishments: ü Implemented improved inventory management and bin location system to assure successful       biannual inventory counts. ü Organized and set-up warehouse operations in a new facility including inventory storage, systems       and equipment. ü Worked with building management and contractors to coordinate operations in conjunction with       major, ongoing building renovations and negotiated for improved facility and systems. ü Negotiated with vendor to replace dilapidated and inappropriate powered industrial truck fleet with       new equipment without increasing costs, resulting in greater efficiency and improved safety       conditions.

Assistant Operations Manager

Responsible for managing and leading thirty five supervisors and employees performing receiving, shipping, inventory management and fulfillment processes for a $16M/year produce wholesaler and 10,000sf warehouse facility.  Managed facility and equipment maintenance. Accomplishments: ü Co-managed successful facility relocation while providing uninterrupted services (6 months       planning, 3 days execution). ü Designed and implemented OSHA industrial fork-truck certification program training and certifying       over 100 operators. ü Introduced bin location system for over 3,500 products for improved product placement, order       fulfillment and inventory management.  Integrated bin location system with existing sales order       management and fulfillment software. ü Developed tracking system for interstate shipping decreasing errors by 90%.


CareerTrack/Fred Pryor

Business Writing and Grammar, Communicate with Tact and Professionalism, Assertive Leadership Skills, Managing Multiple Priorities, Dealing With Difficult People.

The American Management Association

Successful Project Management, 2nd Edition

University of Akron