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Personal Overview

Senior level global sales executive with extensive experience developing and implementing business strategies for: capital equipment; software; consumables; and new disruptive clinical modalities.

A passionate hands-on visionary leader recognized for: increasing profitable sales; building market share; increasing sales productivity; strategic planning; mentoring; and team building.

  • Organizational expertise includes building direct, independent agent, distributor, and specialty teams for mature and start-up businesses.
  • Medical expertise includes mature and disruptive technology for: minimally invasive and traditional surgery; invasive radiology and cardiology; radiation oncology; anesthesia; respiratory; and women's healthcare. 
  • Global experience includes creating direct sales teams and distributor partnerships worldwide while living in Europe.
  • Leadership experience  small and large sales teams for all sales channels; numerous product launches; six acquisitions; sales force reorganizations; CRM and sales automation systems; developing alliances with clinical luminaries; personal sales to multi-million dollor key accounts. 

Recognized by Sales and Marketing Magazine as "One of the 10 Best Managers in the Selling Business".

Work experience

Director of Sales - AcuteCare Div.

Reported to the Division President and was responsible for $135-million of profitable sales and market growth in surgical, respiratory, and critical care products through direct, distributor, OEM, and national account channels.

Led an 80-person sales team through eight Regional Managers; directed the national account team; and personally handled national distribution partnerships.  Division representative on B-D Corporate Planning, and Sales Operating committees.  Member of four corporate acquisitions teams.  Managed a 10-person customer service department.

  • Exceeded objectives nine of eleven years; achieved numerous awards for sales excellence.
  • Participated in four major acquisitions and numerous product launches.
  • Successfully directed the merger of two large field organizations and cultures from Deseret and Bard-Parker to form B-D’s second largest division.  The new 80-person sales structure accomplished greater field productivity with a 35% sales cost reduction.

National Sales Manager / Director – Bard-Parker Division, Lincoln Park, NJ (1982 to 1985)

District Manager / Regional Manager – Dallas, Texas (1979 to 1982)

Sales Representative / Field Trainer – Little Rock, AR and Dallas TX (1976 to 1979)


Vice President of Sales

CIVCO Medical Solutions

Senior sales executive with worldwide responsibility for: radiation oncology equipment; consumables; software; specialty surgical tools.  Sales channels include: direct and independent representatives; distributors; and key-account partnerships.Customers are physicians, physicists, and administration.Led customer service and telemarketing teams.

Recruited to build US and international sales teams supporting an aggressive corporate acquisition strategy targeting sales growth from $125-million to $400-million by 2010.

  • Captured a $6-million competitive six-year contract for the M.D. Anderson Cancer System lost by former management. Created a value proposition supporting a 15% price premium.
  • Doubled the 2006 sales increase percentage representing a 30% increase over traditional market growth.
  • Achieved double-digit growth in 2007 by: reorganizing and upgrading the US sales team; driving sales initiatives on key products; creating a new commission plan focused on incremental sales vs. the maintenance of existing business.
  • Implemented a new lead generation program creating $340K of incremental sales in Q1 trending to $1-million of incremental sales in 2008.
  • Partnered with a powerful market development partner in China expected to increase sales ten-fold by 2010 by rapidly expanding our presence in the market.
  • Developed strategy and a comprehensive organizational plan supporting a $400-million multi- technology worldwide business utilizing multiple sales channels and direct sales in seven European countries.
  • Enhanced teamwork and trust within the sales department after a traumatic acquisition.
  • Participated in corporate negotiations with five acquisition targets.
  • Member of the senior leadership team; developed long and short term corporate strategy.

Vice President of Global Sales

Cooper Surgical

Senior sales executive reporting to the COO with worldwide responsibility for $140-million in sales through six unique channels including: hospital and office direct sales teams; distributor and OEM managers for disposable items; 90 independent representatives for surgical specialty products; and an international management team.

Products included consumables and equipment supporting new disruptive surgical techniques; new office based diagnostic procedures; and in-vitro fertilization. Customers were OB/GYN physicians and surgeons supporting women’s health care.

Recruited to: integrate a newly acquired 60-person sales team and create a large 85 representative organization trained to sell into both hospitals and physician office call points; develop a new surgical sales team for a pending acquisition; and develop an effective international sales organization.

  • Successfully integrated the acquired sales team and increased 2006 sales growth by 30%.This new team attained double-digit growth again in 2007 or twice the growth of the market.
  • Upgraded thirty underperforming sales representatives in four months and created a new training department reducing new representative training time by 50%.
  • Reduced sales department costs as a percent of sales from 26% to 19% by reducing a layer of management and increasing sales productivity.
  • Created a new sales management structure to increase field coaching time; implemented new compensation plans; implemented targeted selection programs.
  • Developed an international sales model utilizing strategic distribution partnerships and direct sales representatives. Increased presence Asia through a new distribution partnership.
  • Member of senior corporate leadership team developing corporate strategy and acquisitions.

Vice President of Global Sales

RITA Medical Systems

Corporate officer reporting to the CEO with responsibility for global sales of $23 million with planned growth to $100-million in five years. Products were equipment and catheters supporting disruptive radio frequency ablation technology (RFA) to destroy inoperable cancerous lesions.Customers were invasive radiologists and surgeons.Managed the HQ customer service team.

Recruited to this VC based start-up by the CEO, a former colleague at Datascope, to: build a large sales team upon FDA approval of RFA for lung and other applications; and create a strong worldwide sales organization.

  • The international sales division reached profitability reversing a three-year negative trend. This was accomplished by developing a direct sales team in key markets working with new strategic distribution partners to minimize infrastructure costs. Lived temporarily in Europe to personally drive this rapid growth.
  • Redirection of sales representatives to drive clinical adoption supported by new compensation plans for our most profitable products. The US team reached objectives each year.
  • Member of senior leadership team for corporate planning.

Company acquired by AngioDynamics


Vice President of Global Sales

Reporting to the President with responsibility for $125-million in worldwide sales of intra-aortic balloon pumps and catheters for life supporting cardiac counter-pulsation therapy. Customers included cardiologists, cardiac surgeons, EMS, and hospital administrators.Responsible for seven European business subsidiaries; relationships with our Japanese partner; and personal responsibility for Baxter Healthcare, our largest OEM partner.Led a six-person customer service team.

Recruited by a former colleague at B-D to: build a 60-person sales and clinical support team to expand clinical utilization; drive demand for capital equipment; and defend and grow market share.

  • Exceeded sales objectives with double-digit growth eight of eleven years.
  • Increased market share from 40% to 68% at a 20% price premium.
  • Aggressively defended market share during attacks from Bard and Boston Scientific.
  • Decreased sales costs from 23% to 16% of sales.
  • Established Cardiac-Assist’s first National Account team and first Sales Automation System.
  • Managed Baxter Healthcare partnership to attain a 90% share of their business.
  • Led a campaign to win a five-year contract at AHERF in Pennsylvania worth $6-million.
  • Member of Corporate Leadership team; participated in corporate strategic planning with CEO.

Director of Sales, US (1992 to 1993)

National Sales Manager, US (1990 to 1992)


Director of Sales

Edward Weck Inc. - Division of E.R. Squibb

Reported to the Corporate General Manager and responsible for $105-million through 55 direct sales representatives, six Regional Managers, National Accounts, OEM, and distributor sales channels.

Products included: surgical instruments; capital equipment; disposable devices sold to hospitals, physicians, clinical practitioners, and administrators.

Recruited as the first Sales Director for a newly formed operating division of Squibb based on my acquisition, strategic, reorganization, and team-building expertise.

  • Restructured and integrated the field organizations and cultures of four smaller independent divisions into a multiple products field force resulting in a 25% sales productivity increase.
  • Sales growth increased from 5% to 15% annually.

 Company acquired by Bristol-Myers


Certificate of Completion

Columbia University - Executive Program

Columbia Executive Programs

  • Finance for the Non-Financial Executive
  • Marketing Principals
  • Pricing Strategy