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Visionary leader in managing change, exploiting opportunities, transforming crisis, and solving problems. Expert at fostering innovation and implementing organizational change.  Eclectic background involving private sector, government, multi-national, and military positions in highly competitive and rapidly changing domestic and international environments. Led global organizations during periods of crisis & rapid change. Provided critical economic, political, & military analysis to the highest levels of government. Oversaw high-tech portfolio of 41 programs for Department of Defense - over $100 billion in Intelligence, Surveillance & Reconnaissance (ISR) assets with annual budget of $8.5 billion. Experienced overseas professional with extensive exposure to cross-cultural practices and international business protocols - lived and worked in the U.S., Europe, Middle East and East Asia. • Consistently delivered customer focused multi-million dollar programs & services on time and in budget. • Proven motivator, swift & decisive leader of diverse personnel in complex, global organizations. • Results driven, success oriented, team builder – big picture thinking with precise attention to detail. • Excellent communicator with strong presentation skills at Corporate Senior Executive and Flag Officer level; public forums; and media events. • Effective top project manager well versed in all aspects of the business growth process including: competitive analysis; brand positioning and client relationship building. • Highly skilled in all aspects of: operations management; project development; risk and asset management; leadership development; strategy & strategic planning. • Expert at crisis management; fostering innovation and implementing change; program/project management; and international negotiations. • Subject Matter Expert: all-source intelligence analysis; intelligence collection, production, exploitation, & dissemination; Air Operations Center; C4ISR operations & planning; Middle East/African Area Studies

Former USAF Colonel and decorated combat veteran with outstanding record of leadership assignments. Specialties:

Executive leadership, international operations, business development, operations management, program & project management, cultural change, organizational integration, client relationship management, strategic partnerships, outsourcing, risk analysis, strategic warning, market analysis, negotiations, intelligence, C4ISR, strategic planning, leadership development, risk assessment, portfolio management, training, team building, academic development & teaching, sales, and platform/public speaking.

Work experience

Area Specialist; Regional Intelligence Analyst; & NMIC Desk Officer

USAF- Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA)

Area Specialist Regional Intel Analyst Middle East-Africa

National Military Intelligence Center (NMIC) Desk Officer

Middle East-African regional and country analyst providing daily current intelligence analysis to the Secretary of Defense (SECDEF) and the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS).

  • Served as the SECDEF's Libyan, Sudanese, Chadian, Nigerian, Horn of Africa, and Southern Africa current intelligence military/political/economic/terrorism analyst during a period of heightened tension and military engagements.
  • Developed and presented scores of sensitive intelligence reports, studies, estimates and appraisals for senior government decision-makers - many of these were national policy formulating works.
  • Briefed the US President, Vice President, Congress, SECDEF and JCS on numerous occasions - many were decision-making or crises action meetings.
  • Served as the Middle East-African Desk Officer at the National Military Intelligence Center in the Pentagon during Lebanon Crises and Syrian-Israeli War.
  • Served as DIA's first liaison officer to the US-Egyptian field exercise, BRIGHT STAR.
Dec 2009Apr 2010

Director Business Development

JanTec Inc

Oversaw Business Development for JanTec, Inc. Developed business leads; maintained and established ongoing working relationships with Federal, State, and Local Government Contracting Officers as well as Prime/Sub Contractors; evaluated Prime and Sub Contractor proposals; and identified/developed/fostered strategic partnerships. Served as capture manager for business proposals; overseeing proposal development and production. Directed strategic marketing and corporate brand development.

Mar 2009Nov 2009

VP Strategic Development

Harrington & Reed Global Resources

Provided research and analysis of  Southern Nevada job market, employment trends,  prospects for business recovery.  Focused on potential and emerging business opportunities in Clark County.


US Air Forces Southern - Director of Intelligence's Mobilization Augmentee


Provided senior-level leadership, guidance, and mentoring as well as augmentation to the Intel Director during absences and periods of heavy tasking.

  • Oversaw and tracked manpower; fiscal and physical resources; overseas travel and living requirements; professional development; training; and availability of manpower and resources to ensure intelligence personnel throughout the corporation are ready and available to meet scheduled and ad hoc production requirements.
  • Led 30-member directorate responsible for providing information gathering, analysis and dissemination support to the CEO and senior corporate executives; seven subsidiary organizations; and three direct reporting units operating throughout the Americas.
  • Provided critical advice to corporate CEO on a broad range of issues, capabilities, methods, and disciplines.
  • Coordinated deployment of airborne information collection platforms to the Caribbean, Central and South America.
  • Provided senior analytical support  and developed indepth market and competator studies. 
  • Developed and presented  numerous Corporate Senior Executive and General Officer level presentations as well as  written and oral presentations at official public forums and media events.

Senior Portfolio Analyst - USAF Military Intelligence Program

Office of the Under Secretary of Defense for Intelligence

Administered a multi-billion portfolio of cutting edge technologies consisting of 41 programs with an annual budget over $8.5 billion. Provided oversight and guidance in the budget execution of over $100 billion of Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR) assets.  Wrote & edited an annual 375-page comprehensive report to Congress - the definitive reference on USAF Military Intelligence Programs.  Authored/coordinated numerous program and project assessments, recommendations, guidance & policy papers, official testimony, and memos for the record for senior-leaders within Office of the Secretary of Defense - many of these were national-policy formulating. 


Academic Coordinator & U.S. Liaison Officer

Peace Support Operations Training Centre

Established a ground-up academic program; managed academic teaching support; developed and delivered academic lectures; and established strategic working relationships with six world-class civil/military academic institutions for the Peace Support Operations Training Centre (PSOTC) - a 12-nation consortium providing Western military training to Bosnia & Herzegovina and other Balkan nations.

  • Served as EUCOM's first Liaison Officer to the PSOTC; providing the first American presence at this ground-breaking, 12-nation training consortium.
  • Transformed a 6-week training program into an 18-week college accredited course; then recruited, coordinated and evaluated academic instruction by a host of world-renowned visiting professors and guest speakers.
  • Co-authored a vision statement for an expanded Centre and a road map for establishment of a  Regional Defense College.
  • Successfully solicited  $1.1 million in aid from the international community.

Combined Air Operations Center – Intelligence & Reconnaissance Division Chief


Ran a highly technical information gathering, analysis and distribution center.  Managed production and distribution; oversaw customer data exchanges; and  provided strategic assessments and market analysis of competitor capabilities. 

  • Managed the division's day-to-day operations, annual and quarterly budget, training, facilities, and staffing.
  • Analyzed division’s system processes; identifying shortfalls and developing alternative solutions.
  • Served as the enterprise subject matter expert; providing key advice to program managers, corporate executives and other decision-makers relative to industry developments affecting operations and training.
  • Developed and implemented division goals and objectives and evaluated and prioritized short and long-range requirements and plans.  
  • Coordinated/oversaw division’s participation in multi-million dollar training events, equipment development, and systems testing. 

Commander; 380th Operations Support Squadron


Led a diverse group of multi-national military and civilian professionals during period of rapid change, heavy personnel turnover, and high tempo operations. 

  • Managed all intelligence support and airfield operations to include weather, fire fighting, control tower operations, and airfield management at the largest air refueling and reconnaissance base in the world during wartime operations.
    • Kept operations running 24/7 with no loss of productivity and supporting over 700 combat missions over Iraq and Afghanistan.
  • Lead negotiator and crisis action officer coordinating daily with UAE intelligence, operations and security authorities.
  • Implemented a classified courier program delivering over 125,000 ft of camera film to processing sites in the US.
    • Consistently beat time deadlines by 50% or more.
  • Oversaw over $1.5 million in capital improvements to US facilities in the UAE; involving close coordination and tough negotiations with host nation.
  • Revamped and ran a $27 million, one-of-a-kind, mobile film processing, exploitation and distribution facility under wartime operations.
  • Coordinated time sensitive information exchanges with key foreign customer.
  • Provided oversight and validation of two multi-million dollar demonstration projects - Eagle Vision commercial satellite processing and the Global Hawk unmanned aircraft system.

Battle Staff Director/Director of Operations


Oversaw emergency management operations and directed emergency senior staff meetings at a major military installation following 9/11.

  • Led on-going crisis action team; conducting risk analysis and assessing, collecting, reviewing, revising and implementing findings and recommendations as part of a continuity planning process.

    • identified essential enterprise functions, systems, and critical infrastructure then ensured measured steps were implemented for their protection or immediate replacement if necessary.

    •   Complied and reviewed after action items and incorporated lessons learned into corporate plans.

Served as the Director of Operations at a highly technical information gathering; analysis; training; and data distribution center during an extended period of industry-wide crisis marked by rapidly changing requirements, ever increasing production demands, and high personnel turnover.

  • Established and directed the operations of a terrorism warning center immediately following 9/11.
  • Administered a $1.15 million annual budget; oversaw a 15% temporary increase in personnel to support expanded production; and managed the training, organization and daily operations of  118 personnel.
  • Served as the organizations information technology (IT) subject matter expert (SME); coordinating and overseeing the expansion of local internet communication infrastructure capacity by 400%.
  • Oversaw analysis and production of all-source intelligence in support of enterprise wide training; operations techniques and procedures development; and production of competitor and marketplace analysis.
  • Provided leadership, mentoring,  motivation, direction, and oversight to military and civilian staff involved in the collection, analysis, production and dissemination of time sensitive competitor and marketplace intelligence.
  • Oversaw the editing, quarterly production, and world-wide distribution of a 357 page reference guide – widely acknowledged as the industries “gold standard” reference work.
  • Coordinated planning, training and execution of six, multi-million dollar, field training exercises.
    •  Recognized for outstanding project planning, innovative scenario development, and strong team building skills.

Mission Director of Operations/Senior Analyst


Assembled, trained and supervised teams of military intelligence analysts and  Spanish linguists in five inter-agency missions supporting US law enforcement operations. Maintained extensive contacts with federal, state, and local law enforcement groups- interfaced daily with over 27 different federal, state and local agencies. 

  • Provided Intelligence Oversight of Military analysts, supervised military intelligence & linguistic support, performed data analysis, prepared detailed reports, and conducted inter-agency coordination support.
  • Developed goals and objectives for each military support mission – identifying and resolving problem areas and unique issues associated with military intelligence support to civilian law enforcement operations.
  • Prepared and presented presentations to senior federal, state and local law enforcement leaders; visiting General Officers/Senior Government Executives; and Congressional delegations.
  • Conducted in-depth, all-source analysis of unauthorized and covert air incursions into the US along the entire US southern border for a 5-year period - first in-depth analysis of suspected air smuggling activity.
    • Recommended targeted changes to air surveillance collection programs; processes; manning; and timing of collection efforts - results were an enhanced on-site situational awareness,  more accurate forecasting of criminal air smuggling activities, and a general improvement in overall collection efforts.

Commercial Real Estate Agent

Lee & Associates Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate sales/leasing and acquisition project leader

Conducted all aspects of property sales and leasing agreements, listing procedures, customer service, deal negotiations, marketing, pricing structures, space planning, land/property use, and site inspections.

  • Consistently recognized for excellent skills in professional communications, account management, client relationships, creative troubleshooting, and complex problem resolution.
  • Designed and introduced marketing campaign for a 82,243 square foot office complex, increasing occupancy rates from 26% to 98% in only nine months.
  • Clients included: General Services Administration; Hilton Hotels & Gaming Corp; United Way of Southern Nevada; B.B. King; and Greyhound Exposition Services.

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Bachelor of Arts

Specializing in International Relations - China & Middle East Studies

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