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Work experience


Boy Scout

Boy Scouts Of America Troop 1229

Has helped cubscouts as a den chief, Was senior patrol leader for the year of 2014., and is currently an Eagle Scout.



Computer Science

Blue Springs high school

Had began his education on Computer Science in the first semester of high school and continued it in his 2015-2016 school year with two classes on computer science, One of them being AP computer science.


Artistic Skills

Has moderate skills when it comes to drawing.


Has a very possitively friendly personality and can communicate with users, even when the user is quite negative towards him.


Is a hard and productive worker that can get the task done very efficiently.


Is able to sort objects base on the object's value.

Problem Solving

Is able to find a solution in a problem and can execute the solution with ease.


Able to check to see if they require assistance and relay any information that will benefit the potential bank user

Math Skills

Knows how use mathematics such as algebra to find the sum and difference when executing transactions with bank users.