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Various references of all types available on request, please do not hesitate to ask.


I am an experienced and adaptable leader with a strong technical background and a solid dedication to customer service and support. I have the personality, background, dedication, and skills to wow your customers, your team members, and you.

I moved to Toledo, Ohio in late December of 2009 and will be seeking employment with companies who pride themselves on their product and services.  Although working remotely is feasible in the short-term, it is not preferred for myself or those I work with; management should be as face to face as possible.

I am currently working remotely with my current employer now that I am in Toledo to ensure ample time to train our new Service Manager without threatening the stability of Networks Plus or the coworkers and clients that I have come to value so highly. I am devoted to those I work with and work for; something I know will aid me greatly in my upcoming career change.

Work experience

Jan 2008Present

Technical Services Manager

Networks Plus
  • Manage and motivate a team of seven to ten network engineers to maintain and exceed expectations of billable percentage of hours worked
  • Perform as client liaison for all client service and support needs to ensure reliable, timely, and effective support for any and all technical needs
    • 'Triage' for all incoming and existing support cases, organizing schedule to best support clients, ensuring customer service regardless of order or severity
    •  Oversee all ongoing client projects such as server installs, migrations, building moves, network infrastructure upgrades, etc
  • Manage service department financials and purchases, consistently performing under budget
  • Organize and deliver performance reviews of technicians with CEO
  • Implemented an electronic timesheet/service ticket system in downtime, cutting waste of resources and time
  • Organize walk-along interviews and work with HR to oversee hiring process for new technicians
Aug 2004Dec 2007

Senior Technician/Team Coordinator

FredNet Services - UW River Falls

·Provided an overall leadership presence for all technicians as Team Coordinator

·Worked to update and create new training materials and sessions as well as scheduled their delivery over the course of a 40-hour training week

·Provided effective feedback for Intermediate Technicians about technical skills, customer service, and effective leadership practices

·Performed extensive end-of-semester reviews of all team leaders with the input of entry technicians in their teams

·Worked closely with Intermediate Technicians to create guides, policies, and procedures that would allow FredNet to provide improved support to our customers

·Coordinated improvement projects by effectively delegating, communicating, setting performance objectives, setting deadlines, and offering constructive feedback

·Provided ongoing technical training for all technicians, introducing many new techniques to FredNet including:

oLCD/Inverter repairs

oLaptop motherboard replacement

oSoldering of various components

oAlternate techniques of repair for helping customers with limited

financial means

·Provided an ethical model for technicians, insisting on positive ethical decisions at all times and not cutting corners with customer computers

·Created weekly work schedule for all Entry and Intermediate technicians to ensure:

oFair distribution of available hours

oFull coverage of call center during open hours

oWeekly meeting for all technicians to attend

oClass schedules are given priority

oAll technicians have ample travel time between class and work

oPreferences are adhered to whenever possible

·Rewrote the ‘FredNet Guide to Buying a New Computer’ with up to date information and tips for incoming students and parents to ensure a positive customer service experience prior to a student arriving on campus

·Gave informational presentations each summer to large groups of parents with varying backgrounds and technical knowledge regarding what students will need and what resources are available for them on campus

·Represented FredNet during the summer Office Fair, answering any questions parents may have about our services or how to best approach the purchase of a new computer for their new students






Japanese Language
Accounting, Financials
Customer Service
Marketing: Creative writing, design, art
Cat5, Cat6, Coax wiring/running
Microelectronics Repair
Transistor Level Design/Logic
Effective Management Skills
Networking, Non-Cisco
Microsoft Office Technical Support
Main Office Suite: Expert Suplimental/Advanced Suite components (Access, Publisher): Advanced
PC and Laptop Hardware/Software Support