Coin dealer Kenneth Goldman appraises rare coins and sometimes gives expert testimony regarding specific coins or collections. He is the president of Kenneth Goldman, Inc., a rare coin and antique dealership based in Needham, Massachusetts, that serves the entire Boston and surrounding area. Mr. Goldman has been involved with rare coins for over 50 years !!When asked to name the artist whose work is most well known in the United States, Americans may respond with names like Picasso, Monet, Renoir, or Rembrandt. However, the artists whose work nearly all Americans are very familiar are Victor D. Brenner, John R. Sinnock, and John Flanagan, the designers of the presidential images on the U.S. penny, dime, and quarter, respectively. The faces, or obverses, of these coins have remained virtually unchanged for decades. The image of President Lincoln on the penny was first introduced in 1909 and is still minted. The reverse has been changed twice since then. The first reverse design, the wheat sheaves, remained for 50 years, and was replaced in 1959 by an image of the Lincoln Memorial to commemorate the 150th anniversary of Lincoln’s birth. In 2010, the reverse changed again, to the “Preservation of the Union” design, which features the union shield.First minted in 1946, the Roosevelt dime, with FDR’s portrait on the obverse and a torch flanked by an olive branch and an oak branch on the reverse, remains the standard U.S. dime. The obverse of the quarter has likewise remained essentially unchanged since 1932, although the eagle on the reverse was replaced in 1999 with various designs honoring the 50 states, U.S. territories, and national parks. Although the nickel has featured President Jefferson since 1938, the design of the presidential portrait changed in 2005 and again in 2006. The first image, minted from 1938 until 2004, was designed by Felix Schlag. In 2005, a different profile of Jefferson, facing right, designed by Joe Fitzgerald, was used for one year only, and in 2006, the current forward-facing image, designed by Jamie Franki, was introduced. The reverse of the nickel has undergone several changes in the 21st century.We are aggressively pursuing business. Check out our websites listed below,Please contact us !!Kenneth Goldman, Inc.Kenneth M. Goldman, PresidentP. O. Box 920404Needham, MA. 02492PHONE 781-449-0058FAX: 781-326-6758E-MAIL: KenGoldman@aol.comwebsites: 

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